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    03:19 AM Jul 15



MTAT are very pleased to announce the release of the incredible “ANATOMY” EP from our good friends SEAS, STARRY.

Recorded DIY in isolation under lockdown, the “Anatomy” EP features four tracks of raging explorative post-hardcore / shoegaze / space-rock that continues to push the boundaries of modern rock music.

All songs written and performed by Seas, Starry with additional lyrics & vocals on “Nun The Wiser” by Derrick Johnston.

Released in the spirit of collaboration, MTAT are handling the digital release with the CDEP version available now through our friends at Ripcord Records. They’ve been smashing out the releases this year so check out their catalogue when grabbing a CD!

Idioteq feature;

Small Music Scene;

Games, Brains and Headbanging Life;

In other news, I wrote a blog for Write Yer Ane Zine called “Reality Check; Vinyl Pressing”, concerning the increases in pressing costs brought upon us by Brexit;

The upshot of this is that the “LEGACIES” LP from STONETHROWER remains available for pre-press vinyl preorder and will be for another TWO WEEKS.

If you’d like to get in on the ground floor, be the first to have the mystery coloured vinyl land on the doormat, have YOUR NAME included in the “thanks” list and have the satisfaction of helping us finally get this record to press, please preorder ASAP!

We also still have some tapes available, thanks to our pals at Gold Mold Records. Friends in North America should contact Clever Eagle Records to get their hands on a preorder!

There’s 10+ years of history and bullshit on Write Yer Ane Zine, so please feel free to have a dig around!

We have a STACK of vinyl, CDs, cassettes, zines, shirts and swag available from our Bigcartel webstore. We’ve just taken delivery of a bunch of records from our friends at Little Rocket Records and have a handful of copies of the brand new “ASK MORE QUESTIONS” LP from DEALING WITH DAMAGE, plus releases from the likes of ANTI-FLAG, ELDER ABUSE, CUSTODY. LOST AVENUE and heaps more.

All currently available MTAT releases are online and we’re running low on a bunch of releases, including the “APHORISMS” LP from TRAGICAL HISTORY TOUR, the “…IN POTENTIAL” LP from PLEASE, BELIEVE! and the “HELD IN MERCIFUL LIGHT” LP from CLEARER THE SKY.

These records are unlikely to be re-pressed at any point so please grab one if you’ve ever been keen. We still have a bunch of the “WHAT WORLD WAS STILL?” LP from KADDISH, the only physical product we have from them at this time, beyond a four-way split 12” in the distro. There are only three of them left and I’m stunned they’re still there!

COOL FREE SHIT with all orders.

Huge thanks to everyone for the continued support throughout these most dissonant of times. Shilling punk rock records still seems a little trivial at times like these, but punk rock helps keep the hope alive!

Hope everyone enjoys the “ANATOMY” EP and has a rad weekend.

Aw the best,
Derrick (MTAT)



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