Our merch/distro can be found over at our Bandcamp or at our shows.

All records on black vinyl unless otherwise stated.

This is an updated distro list and we currently have limited supplies of the following titles in stock;


Accelerators – “Fuel For The Fire”
Bonehouse- “Tomorrow’s Worn Out Blues” (pick’n’mix)
Carson Wells – “Tread A Northern Path”
Cavalcades – “Lights Begin To Dance” (pink, clear/smoke)
The Doublecross – “The Timeless Self Destruction of…” (blue/white splatter)
Down and Outs – “Lifelines”
Ghost On Tape – “Into The Maze”
Jimmy Islip and The Ghosts – “Wild West Riding”
The Kimberly Steaks – “To Live and Die in West Central Scotland” (sold out)
Leagues Apart – “Brief Interviews With Hideous Men” (blue)
Franz Nicolay – “Major General”
Franz Nicolay – “Do The Struggle”
Franz Nicolay – “To Us, The Beautiful”
Officer Down – “Dead Lands”
The Smith Street Band – “Throw Me In The River” (frosted clear)
Stay Clean Jolene – “S/T”
Sweet Empire – “Old Ideas Keep Fighting Us” (silver)
Vanilla Pod – “Seeing Out The Sunrise” 12″ EP
Wank For Peace – “Fail Forward” (green)
Wringer – “Bullfighter”


Broken Stories – “It’ll Be Alright” EP
UNIFORMS/Sink Alaska/Question The Mark/The Walking Targets – “Roaster Split” (“Reign in Blood”)


Audacity – “The Mellow Cruisers Single” 7″
The Amistad/New Bruises – “Split” (red)
Canadian Rifle/Zapiain – “Split” (grey)
Dan Padilla/Down and Outs – “Split” (purple)
The Franceens – “N/A” EP
Franz Nicolay – “Double A​-​Side (UK Tour)”
Franz Nicolay – “Hearts Of Boston” 7″
The Kimberly Steaks – “Chemical Imbalance” EP (yellow)
Gameday Regulars/Guerrilla Monsoon – “Split”
Get It Together – “Rebuild, Recover” EP
Mischief Brew / Franz Nicolay – “Split”
Paperjets – “Before The Fall”
Resolutions / Up For Nothing – “Split” (white)
Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man – “10 Years of Revenge…”
Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man – “Live at Maida Vale (BBC Radio One Punk Show)”
Science Police/Zatopeks – “Split” (orange)
Steve Adamyk Band/Dauntless Elite – “Split” (orange)
Sounds Of Swami – “Halcyon Days” EP


15 Minutes – “Together, Forever”
Chewed Up / Casual Naseua – Split
Get It Together – “Perspectives” EP
Kickback UK/The Best of the Worst/Joey Terrifying – “Triple Threat Split”
Mike TV – “Sausage Hospital”
Pete Bentham and The Dinner Ladies – The New Underground”
PMX – “Rise and Shine”
Robot Doctors – “Time Will Tell”
Shatterhand – “Chaos and the Art of Dissent”
Shatterhand – “Random Acts Of Defiance”
Tim Loud – “Born To Lose”
Various – “Sweden The Deal”


Bossy – “The Best of Bossy” (blue)