Make-That-A-Take Records is a DIY punk rock record label and live music collective based on the east coast of Scotland.

We put on punk shows. We put out records. We do things.

We aim to contribute positively to our community and believe in the equality of and equity for all humans regardless of gender, race, religion, nationality, class, sexual orientation, status or any other perceived identifier.

We have a fairly open view of what constitutes ‘punk’.

We book and operate shows at Conroy’s Basement in Rad Apples, Dundee. All gig tickets available here.

We host BOOK YER ANE FEST, a DIY punk/hxc benefit festival.

For all booking enquiries, please email makethatatakerecords at gmail dot com

Records/swag here.

Back catalogue downloads here.

Read the basement terms & conditions here.

This is what we do

Book Shows
We’ve put on some cool bands over the past ten years including Leatherface, Dead To Me (USA), Arliss Nancy (USA), Elway (USA), Jeffrey Lewis & The Jrams (USA), The Caulfield Cult (Singapore), Failures’ Union (USA), AJJ (USA), Hard Girls (USA), Stay Clean Jolene (ENG), Departures, Bear Trade (ENG), Antillectual (NL), The Priceduifkes (BL), Direct Hit! (USA), The Human Project (ENG), Football, etc (USA), Defiance, Ohio (USA), The Slow Death (USA), Mikey Erg! (USA), Bangers (ENG), Franz Nicolay (USA), The Riot Before (USA), The Arteries (WAL), Chris T-T (ENG), North Lincoln (USA), Dear Landlord (USA), I-Farm (USA), Glass and Ashes (USA), Frank Turner (ENG), Even In Blackouts (USA), The Dangerfields (NI), PMX, Billy Liar, Step On It (HUN), Blackjacket (CAN), Paul Baribeau (USA), Frigits (IRE), Apologies, I Have None (ENG), The Cut Ups (ENG), Mesa Verde, ONSIND (ENG), Kaddish, The Emos (ENG), The Hijacks, Mike Park (USA), The Living Daylights (ENG), New Bruises (USA), The Murderburgers, Joey Terrifying, Chief (ENG), Shields Up, Grader, Torturo Nervosa, Sunset Squad, Black Channels, Taking Chase, ICH (ENG), All Or Nothing (ENG), Flat Back Four (ENG), Spanish Gamble (USA), Drive By Audio, You Me And The Atom Bomb (ENG), The Fractions (ENG), Calvinball (ENG), deeCRACKS (AU), Broken Few (ENG) and loads more.

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For all booking enquiries, please email makethatatakerecords@gmail.com.

If enquiring about BOOK YER ANE FEST, please read this FAQ before emailing.

Available from Bandcamp

New Releases

The “new” EP of “Forgotten Songs” from these fiddle-driven acoustic cowpunk originals. Recorded, mixed and mastered DIY four years ago then discarded, it’s great to finally hear their first new recordings since releasing the amazing “It’ll Be Alright” 10” back in 2014 .

Recorded/produced/mixed/mastered by Broken Stories
Artwork by Kevin Thomson Photography

Available as a free/pay-what-you-download.

It’s great to have them back!

“daye3” is the debut EP from London-based Palestinian hiphop / punk rock artist LOUNAR. All proceeds from downloads of the EP will be donated in solidarity with Medical Aid for Palestinians

“daye3” contains four tracks of personal and political commentary pertaining issues of displacement, duality, identity, culture shock and intergenerational trauma as experienced by the Palestinian diaspora worldwide. Without justice, there can be no peace. Free Palestine.

Songs written by Lounar
Track 1 produced by Lounar
Tracks 2 & 3 produced by sApo (@bad_mood_sapo)
Track 4 produced by ChiefWAV (@chiefwav)

Artwork picture; Lounar’s hometown of Sur Baher, Palestine.
Artwork layout by Pat Pat Binks

Many more releases are available from our Bandcamp Page and you can view them all from our full catalogue

“What World Was Still?” is the long-awaited third full-length from mythical ecossemo heroes Kaddish.

Artwork by Gone Wishing Art
LPs manufactured by Boss Tuneage Records
Released via Make That A Take Records and Black Lake Records .

LP available classic black vinyl 12″ with insert and digital download code. First press strictly limited to 300 copies. Grab one here.


“Reasons To Breathe” is the first vinyl release in FIVE YEARS from homegrown east coast cowpunks UNIFORMS.

Released on white vinyl 7″ with fold-out sleeves and digital download code through Make That A Take Records and TNS Records.

Written and performed by UNIFORMS.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ant Booth at Kesbri Studios.
Records manufactured by Boss Tuneage Records
Cover photography by Derrick Johnston

Upcoming Shows

No shows booked at the moment.

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Upcoming shows

No shows booked at the moment.

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    01:04 PM Feb 01


Like buses, it’s all of a sudden all go here at Cowpunk HQ. It’s always so quiet too, we really should find something to do to occupy our time, don’t think we’re quite busy enough at the moment #lolz….

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On behalf of Gordon and myself, we’d like to thank everyone for the incredible amount of kindness, solidarity and funding that has been shared over the last five days. At the time of writing this (Sunday afternoon), donations are…

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Seems live rock’n’roll action is back in full swing as the world continues to burn and we lose our collective minds. HUGE THANKS to everyone who’s been so supportive over the last couple of years, and indeed…

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A Lockdown Releases Mixtape

a lockdown releases mixtape

MTAT jamz from the abyss of 2020/21

Articulating the range of emotions that we’ve individually and collectively experienced, from the delirious…

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