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Conroy’s Basement at Rad Apples; Hire Terms & Conditions (Revised)


Conroy’s Basement is the live music space in the basement of RAD APPLES in Dundee.
All terms & conditions for hire of the basement adhere to the policies and ethos of Rad Apples. All bookings are handled by Make That A Take Records.

Rad Apples, Conroy’s Basement and MTAT aim to foster a positive environment free from all forms of discrimination. Anti-social behaviour will be not be tolerated. We work with The Good Night Out Campaign and expect all parties to read, understand and adhere to these policies and standards.

Rad Apples is a Good Night Out Campaign accredited venue and MTAT an accredited promoter. Please read this document;

Please see the MTAT “House Rules” attached at the end of this document.
Rad Apples & MTAT reserves the right to refuse or cancel bookings.
The space is also available for groups, meetings, societies, etc.
Please email us with any enquiries.

Contact email;


As of this time, the capacity of the basement is limited to 80 tickets.
We will require the names of all performers, promoters & crew in advance.
ALL BOOKINGS & ALL BANDS must be approved by MTAT.
We are VERY BUSY. Please don’t be offended if we cannot reply.
If anyone attending feels unwell, please do not come.
Antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated. Bozos will be horsed out.
Repeat offenders will be banned.


Standard Gig booking fee; £150

– This covers venue/PA hire, bar staff & sound engineer.
– We have a full basic backline (2 x guitar cabs, bass rig, basic drumkit) courtesy of members of MTAT.
– If you intend on bringing your own full backline, please let us know at the time of booking.
– Gear shares between bands are encouraged. We don’t have a huge amount of space.
– No more than THREE bands on a bill, please. If planning more, please talk to us beforehand.
– All bookings include use of the basement bar.

Deposit; bookings will be confirmed upon receipt of a £100 non-refundable deposit, payable by bank transfer or cash in person at Rad Apples. Deposits are also payable by Paypal but are £105, to cover fees (sorry!).

The remaining balance of £50 is for the sound engineer and must paid in full before doors on the night of your booking. If this is going to be an issue, please let us know and we’ll work with you.

Paypal address;

Friday and Saturday nights are by far and away the most popular and get booked up quickly, so please be aware that your desired date may not always be available.

No bookings will be confirmed until deposits are paid, terms agreed and booking form returned.

We will do our very best to work with you to make your event as successful as possible. In the spirit of collaboration, we believe that in working together we can host the best possible events in a positive and safe environment. MTAT is an anti-bigotry, anti-fascist, anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic collective.

For more information pertaining MTAT policies and history, please read this FAQ;

The Venue

Conroy’s Basement is the basement of RAD APPLES. It’s a basement space with a DIY-built PA system, constructed by two of the east coast’s finest sound engineers with decades of collective experience. We’ve been running this space for five years, hosting over 400 shows in that time, and our system has evolved over time. It will continue to do so.

PA is a 2.5kw rig with 16-channel mixer.
It’s loud. Earplugs are recommended.

– Venue capacity is currently limited.
– No more than 60 tickets can be sold.
– There is no “green room”.
– There is no allocated seating.
– Load in the side entrance of the building
– Gear must be stored in the corner to stage-right
– Gear cannot be stored in the venue over night
– Strictly no drinks outside.
– Do not bring your own drinks (refillable water bottles excepted)
– VOCALISTS; please bring your own mics.
– DRUMMERS; if you need it, bring it! (stool, cymbal stands, kick-pedals, etc)

Gig Itinerary

Load in; 5pm onwards.
Soundcheck; 6pm-7pm
Doors open; 7pm (Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday), 7.30pm (Friday, Saturday)

Upon arrival, please check-in with the bar staff at Rad Apples.
Gear should be stored in the corner (stage right) of the basement, behind/on the bench.
All shows should aim to finish by 10.30pm.
All gear and humans out of the basement by 11pm, at the very latest.
The basement bar will close at the end of the show.
The bar in Rad Apples is open until 11pm weeknights, midnight on Friday/Saturday, 10pm Sunday.

If you want to eat at Rad Apples, please book tables in advance and arrive as early as possible.
The very latest that food can be ordered is 7.30pm. Please try eat before this time, if you can!

We strongly encourage those who wish to eat to do so before soundcheck.
We cannot guarantee you tables if you do not book beforehand.
Book tables here.

Your show will be assigned a representative from the MTAT collective and a sound engineer.
Access to the venue is available from 5pm. In exceptional circumstances, please advise of any requirements outside these hours at least two weeks in advance.


Promotion; it is your responsibility to promote the show.

– A Facebook event page alone does not count as gig promotion.
– Please make Rad Apples and Conroy’s Basement a co-host on any event page that you make.
– Please make sure we have POSTERS for your show at the venue at least FOUR WEEKS prior.
– Please email all online promotional materials to Conroy’s Basement.
– We will include your event in all of Conroy’s Basement’s gig listings
– It is your responsibility to sell tickets for your events.

In advance; knowledge is power!

– Please provide full-tech spec and running order, including set times.
– Please make sure that FULL GEAR arrangements have been made.
– It is your responsibility to fulfill any/all contractual obligations to artists booked
– You must let us know of any RIDERS that may need be brought in. These are your responsibility.
– Let us know if there are any problems we can help resolve.

On the night; it is your responsibility to run the show.

– Booking fees must be paid in full before doors open. If this is a problem, please advise.
– You must provide your own door person to take tickets/entry. MTAT will provide a £50 float.
– It is your responsibility to make sure all artists are informed of venue rules/set times/etc.
– You must provide your sound engineer with set times.
– Headline bands will soundcheck first. Opening bands will then set up. Line-checks for others.
– It is your responsibility to pay the acts you book.
– Anyone found bringing in their own alcohol will be asked to leave and banned.
– Gear cannot be stored in the venue overnight.

MTAT was established in 2006 and we’ve been involved in thousands of shows and events since then. We have been running gigs in the basement since 2016, with Rad Apples being established in 2019. We’ve been involved in the musical community for over twenty years and aim to foster an atmosphere of positivity, inclusion and collaboration. We aim to treat everyone with dignity and respect, and would hope for the same in return.

We are more than happy to discuss any issues or concerns that anyone may have about the operation of the space. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any and all questions/enquiries.

(Make That A Take, Rad Apples)



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