Book Yer Ane Fest

What Is Book Yer Ane Fest?
Book Yer Ane Fest is a three-day DIY punk/hxc/emo/whatever festival hosted by Make-That-A-Take Records held annually in Dundee. It is a charity festival to raise money for Safe-Tay, a water safety charity, and the causes that it supports. Over the years we have raised in excess of £4000 for Safe-Tay and Tayside Mountain and Water Rescue. The first Book Yer Ane Fest took place at Mucky Mulligans in Perth on November 15th 2008. Since then, we’ve moved to Dundee and played host to the likes of Leatherface, Oi Polloi, The Slow Death, Franz Nicolay, The Arteries, The Cut Ups, Antillectual, Chris T-T, Kaddish, The Murderburgers, Mikey Erg, Departures and loads more. Book Yer Ane Fest VIII will take place from Friday 28th through Sunday 30th November 2014. All three days will take place at Kage Nightclub, but there will also be satellite events across other venues. There may even be a pre-BYAF show. Please stayed tuned for more news; we’ve already booked some of the headlining bands!
What Is Safe-Tay?
Safe-Tay is a water safety charity based in Tayside that was founded by Lisa Stuart in 2007 after the death of her brother and our friend Graham Motion. Safe-Tay aims to promote water-safety education and awareness, as well providing practical support in terms of training and facilities for water-safety. Safe-Tay is no longer active as a charity; however, we continue to support the causes that they have supported over the years. Under the guidance of Safe-Tay, last year all profits from BYAF went to TaysideMountain and Water Rescue, a cause close to all of our hearts. For more information please visit Safe-Tay and Tayside Mountain and Water Rescue.
Can My Band Play?
Possibly. Our festival has grown over the years from an all-dayer to a three or four day beast (if you include pre-fest) that blows our collective minds every year. Last year we had over 40 acts performing over the weekend, many of whom were touring/travelling bands. We are always keen to accommodate touring bands and are always looking for bands to be involved. However, we have a limited amount of space and do our utmost to ensure the most exciting and interesting line-ups possible. When we are thinking about booking, we generally always have some bands in mind. Once we start announcing bands, we usually have more booked that we’re keeping to ourselves. As of the time of this writing (mid May), we have more than half of the line-up confirmed. Don’t let that discourage you from getting in touch though. The best way to get involved is to come along and support the scene on a regular basis. With limited space for local bands, those who support the scene and what we do all year round are more likely to be considered for BYAF. Please bear in mind that BYAF is a charity fundraiser. While we do have a small budget and do our best to accommodate every reasonable request, we aren’t in a position to offer anything extravagant. Also, we’d appreciated it if all booking enquiries went through our email address at;
When Will Tickets Be On Sale?
Once we announce the first bands for BYAF VIII (at the FILM YER ANE Premiere), there will be a super-limited amount of Super Earlybird Weekend Tickets on sale for £20. We are still awaiting confirmation from a few bands for this year and, if all falls into place, I’d fully expect a sell-out, so would recommend getting weekend tickets ASAP. Keep your eyes peeled on the Make-That-A-Take facebook page for further details. Ticket prices/date are subject to change. Full details will be available shortly.
Are you doing accommodation packages this year?
Hopefully, although this is still yet to be confirmed. Dundee has an excellent Backpackers Hostel and loads of hotels that you can get cheap if you book in advance. Again, please keep your eye on the MTAT page for further developments on this front.
Can I have a stall? Can I bring my distro?
We have limited space but are always keen to hear from progressive thinking organisations, labels and those that run distros. All decisions are made by the collective and are considered on a case-by-case basis. Again, priority will go with those with whom we already have a relationship/are active in the DIY scene.
Is BYAF all-ages?
Unfortunately not. BYAF is 18+ in accordance with Scottish and local licensing laws. It’s a bit of a bummer but there’s little we can do about it.
My band is playing, can we get our friends on the guestlist?
The simple answer is no. We operate a strict “no guestlist” policy so please don’t embarrass us or yourself. Van drivers, tour managers, etc, are obviously exempt. As Mike Watt says; “If you’re not playing, your paying”. Take it up with him.
Is there anything that I can do to help?
Yes, there are many things and we’d be very appreciative if you could! The best thing you can do is come to the festival and have an amazing time. It’d be great if you brought some friends with you and spread the word too. We’re always looking for people in Dundee who would be willing to have a bunch of punks sleeping in their flat for an evening and are always keen to hear from volunteers to help with this. If you think you meet this description, please drop us an email at
Why put on a festival in winter? In Scotland?
We’re a bit like that; miserable and bleak. Plus it makes it dead cosy when there’s a couple of hundred people going moich in. Plus, you’re not in a field. Maybe one day we’ll take over Magdalen Green in summertime. Until then, a club in winter it is.