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    09:05 PM May 25


Like buses, it’s all of a sudden all go here at Cowpunk HQ. It’s always so quiet too, we really should find something to do to occupy our time, don’t think we’re quite busy enough at the moment #lolz. Y’all should come to Rad Apples for the sickest eats around and to come have a blether, I am genuinely struggling to stay afloat in the frothing oceans of internet-based discourse and my brain is occupied by mush.

If I’ve missed yer messages and/or haven’t gotten back to ye yet, it’s because I’ve either forgotten, haven’t seen it or have seen it or missed it. Nothing personal, unless it is. Regards, there’s work to be done. Y’all rule, know ye are appreciated!


We are very pleased to share the first demo from fresh Jute City Hardcore punks Truth Ruiner, available on limited edition (50) hand-numbered red cassette and as a free/pay-what-you-want download NOW.

Formed under the cloak of darkness and playing their first show at Book Yer Ane Fest XIV at Rad Apples Dundee, Truth Ruiner play ferocious and cathartic aggressive melodic hoods-up hardcore guaranteed to bring maximumrocknruckus. Demo engineered by Graeme Watt at Seagate Studios.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to see this band evolve from an idea into a devastating live powerhouse and we’re very happy to share the fruits of their labour. New bands forming is awesome, Scottish hardcore is rare health in 2022. Accordingly, Everyday Madness Everyday is putting together “This Is Scotland, Not LA II”. Give him a holler if you’d like to get involved. Download the legendary first edition from 2005 here.

Check this sick full set filmed by Dai Tan Films live in Conroy’s Basement on February 4th 2022. Subscribe to the patreon channel for reams of sick hardcore videos from across this shitty archipelago and beyond.

The cassette tapes are in production and will be shipped worldwide as soon as they arrive.
Any leftovers will go to the band and be available in the JCHC & MTAT distros.

There is also a sick new hockey mask shirt available for preorder at the TR bigcartel.












Check the linktree page for all the links, streams, swag and ruckus. Stay tuned for forthcoming news pertaining shows, the first EP and a whole bunch more. Truth Ruiner play Church in Dundee on July 2nd.


The four horsemen of the apocalypse and a global pandemic couldn’t stop the rock. The debut “Hello MY NAME IS” 7” was released through MTAT in May 2020, “the final punk 7” under neoliberalism” we hopefully proclaimed at the time. Thankfully, ALLDEEPENDS abide, develop, evolve and adapt; creativity an existential escape, a moment of immersive reflection, absorption, tension, release; “Throwing A Pit To Nothing”.

Written, demoed and performed by the band, recorded and mixed by Harris at Dundee Music Studios and mastered by Ant Booth at Kesbri Studios, “Throwing A Pit To Nothing” is the debut LP from ALLDEEPENDS. Instantly recognisable yet with marked progression from the EP, “Throwing A Pit To Nothing” is lightening in a bottle; a uniquely driven band with borderless vision, insight, emotional intelligence and will to act beyond talk.

“Throwing A Pit To Nothing” is available for preorder from MTAT now. Ten front to back bangers form an instant cowpunk classic on two sides of “pick’n’mix” random coloured vinyl (first run of 300 copies),
six-panel CD, digital download and various bundle options, releasing worldwide on Friday 10th June 2022.

“xX_DUND0N14N VAMP1R35_Xx” is the first single, available now for free/pay-what-you-want download. Check out “The Movie” and music videos for “Time Is A Flat Circle Pit” & “MEMEME” on Cowpunk TV. Like/share/subscribe/freak out yer gran, etc.

ALLDEEPENDS play Scottish dates with The Sewer Cats next week (Glasgow on Thursday, Edinburgh on Friday, Dundee on Saturday, your last chance to see them at a hometown throwdown until late October) before heading to the USA in June/July. Currently booking European Tour dates for November 2022. Email me for bookings and press hit; makethatatakerecords at gmail dot com.
































Super fast hard-touring melodic hardcore punk rock’n’rollers from Athens, Greece on Nasty Cut Records pay their first visit to Dundee as part of their UK Tour with kindred spirits Skiv. Well travelled and road hardened after spending more than a decade on tour all over Europe, The Overjoyed play joyous, uplifting punk rock from the classic EpiFat school and are guaranteed to leave you with both something to think about and a smile on your face. Check their rad back catalogue for a plethora of europunk bangers. Think Frenzal Rhomb/NUFAN/Lagwagon.

SKIV (England)

Don’t let the cheeky-chappy Lahndahn geezah front fool ye, Skiv are on well-honed, mega-chopped, hard-rockin’ punk rock skankin’ party machine from the mean streets of south London. Their “Chick Chicken” EP on Iniit Records is a four-track punk rock stomper that hints at a bigger party yet to come. There is no band that’ll rock you harder and put a bigger cheeser on yer puss of a Wednesday evening.


Dundee’s best dressed and sharpest riffed rock’n’roll band return to the basement to treat us to a midweek lesson in leftist garage punk perfection after leaving jaws on the floor a couple of months ago. Limited edition CD version of their self-titled record coming soon, bucketful of bangers overflowing, pace of change sometimes a little too much to bare. Polish your dancing shoes.

Conroy’s Basement at Rad Apples, Dundee
8pm doors. £6/8.

Be vaxxed (please).
Mask up.
Scan in.
Be wise.
Be sound.

We’d prefer it if ye could do a covid test before attending.
If you feel unwell, please do not come.
This applies to all shows.


The RAD PUB QUIZ will be displaced and will happen on THURSDAY 19th MAY instead!























Indefatigable internationalist banjo-driven hardcore cowpunk rock’n’rollers bring the maximumrocknruckus for a hometown throwdown to help raise magic beans for their forthcoming transatlantic touring adventures. Time is a flat circle pit, contemporary narratives deconstructed into meaningless memes, buzzwords and mememe philosophies; Dundonian Vampires scavenge and hustle for a buck and daily bread, ALLDEEPENDS continue to preach their anarchic articulations of truth and bring the existential transcendence party wherever they may roam.

A last chance to dance before impending doom, or four on the floor in preparation for the greatest story yet to be told? Go to know, if ye dinnae ye winnae; into the abyss we leap.

THE SEWER CATS (manchester)

Sick, fuzzy, ferocious and feline garage rock’n’roll punks return to the basement to party with friends and cowpunk family as they celebrate the release of the fearsome patriarchy-smashing “Cute Aggression” LP on TNS Records. Ripping it up across the UK throughout the year thus far, their set at Zombie Shack was a highlight of Manchester Punk Festival and their debut record is attracting acclaim across the board. Focus, fight, frenzy!


Dundonian skate punk rock’n’roll power trio back in the basement, solidifying their new line-up and dynamics, with a fistful of fresh bangers recorded at DM Studios under their belt. The harmonies have never sounded so sweet, a new fire burns in the bellies, heartbeats at 240bpm; pogotastic east coast pop-punk with aplomb has rarely sounded so raging. 123GO!

OVERSIZE (bristol)

Introspective melodic indie / emo / shoegaze deliciousness with big dirt riffage from the creative and cultural epicentre of the south west join us to open the show on a day off from their UK Tour with Puppy. They’re heading for Outbreak Fest; grunge aesthetics, hardcore roots, alt-rock dynamics and warm cosy guitars. Welcome to Dundee!

SATURDAY 21st MAY 2022
Conroy’s Basement at Rad Apples, Dundee
Doors at 8pm. First act sharp.
£7 advanced, £8 on doors.






















Early show, 6pm doors. Blurbs coming when time allows. Apologies to all artists and excitedly anticipatory readers, sure ye are gutted there isn’t a couple hundred more words of verbosity here.

















Thunderous impassioned emotional noise wrangled from between the heavens and the abyss courtesy these incredible Aberdoom-based super-melodic progressive post-everything rockers. One of the east coast punk scene’s most explorative entities, the latest “ANATOMY” EP an incredible experiment in collaboration in isolation; written, recorded and released in the spirit of co-operation between the band, MTAT and Ripcord Records.

This will be their first “full length” basement performance since closing out the last night of Dundee Women’s Festival at our final show in March 2020, before the floor collapsed. As their sudden illness causing last minute withdrawal on Friday 13th has shown, it could do again.

Share the love you’ve got.


Weaving ethereal melodies from haunted chants, spells and stream-of-consciousness transcendent street poetry together with throbbing electronic bass, thunderous dance beats and pulsating left-of-the-dial eurotechno/free party energy, Jo D’arc guides us through the darkest of trips. If Twistettes and Girobabies ate the brown liquorice in the dance tent at Doube The Rabbit Hole armed with synths and 808s rather than a bass guitar and smashing kit, it may sound a little like this; unquantifiable hypnotism.


Utter pop genius from the polymath wrapped inside an enigma teleporting beyond this realm. It’s a random toy box, you never know what you’re gonna get; from psychotic nursery rhymes played on casios to lofi ancient celtic rituals performed with a game boy, or simply heartbreaking acoustic balladry from the great songbooks of yore, Haystack Monolith is a gift to us all.

Friday 3rd June 2022
Conroy’s Basement at Rad Apples Dundee
8pm doors. £6/8. Usual craic. No bozos.























Pioneering American post-hardcore punks from North Shore, Massachusetts on the legendary Taang Records, join us for the only Scottish show of the Summer European Tour and their first ever visit to Dundee. Formed in 1981 as a hardcore punk power-trio, they played an integral role in the development and evolution of the Boston Hardcore and emo scenes, whilst forging their own path. Their debut “Burning In Water” LP from 1986 is a classic snapshot of a moment, when hardcore and punk seemingly offered endless possibility (they still do!).

Fully active from ‘81 though ‘94, the band reformed in 2018 and have released a couple of brand new records through legendary UK DIY punk label Boss Tuneage Records & Dead Broke Records (USA). They return to Europe this summer to support the “Humbucker” LP from 2020, before plague shelved plans and vultures began to feast.
A total privilege to host them in the basement of a Wednesday night.

With support from;


A beautiful melodic and rambunctious noise from this Sunderland punk five piece from various heroic bands from the UK punk underground throughout the 80s & 90s, inspired by the likes of Leatherface, Senseless Things, Mega City Four, Broccoli, et al; classic UK punk.

Playing their first ever Dundee show as they join spiritual siblings Moving Targets on the UK leg of their European Tour, it’s our pleasure to welcome them to the basement as they support their wonderful s/t LP on Boss Tuneage (UK), Rookie Records (EU) & Waterslide Records (Japan).


The current , defending and undefeated world heavyweight champions off ecossemo return to the basement for their first show of the year armed with a catalogue of weapons-grade emotional hardcore ragers and a brace of bangers from their forthcoming fourth LP. From the old westie to the apocalypse, only the true believers will survive; headnods, shredded vocal chords and preparation for total immersion should now begin.

Wednesday 8th June 2022
Conroy’s Basement at Rad Apples, Dundee
8pm doors. £8/10.

The RAD PUB QUIZ will be displaced and will happen on THURSDAY 9th JUNE instead!
















That’s enough for noo, reality beckons and I gotta go work.
Thanks for all the support, as always.
Catch ye in the basement.




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