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    09:05 PM Apr 15


It’s Easter weekend and together we all celebrate the state-sanctioned murder of a revolutionary socialist by telling the children that a bunny left chocolate eggs in the night. There’s a Bill Hicks sketch that I’ll never be able to remove from my brain that basically sums it up.

As such, we have NEW MUSIC and it’s our LAST WEEKEND of our FIFTEENTH BIRTHDAY SALE. If ye haven’t yet checked out Barry “The” Kydd’s MTAT “Origins” story over on Write Yer Ane Zine, ye can do so here.

“damaging” is the third EP of explorative lofi diy noise from platitudes and is available now for free/pay-what-you-want download. The first ever platitudes CD is also available; a wholly unique 90 minute mix CD with hand-drawn on-CD artwork and sleeve made from genuine original X-Ray prints. Each CD with be different and there are only 30 to be had, so make sure and grab one quick if ye are keen.



This weekend is also your last chance to get involved in the Prepress Vinyl Preorder for the incredible “LEGACIES” LP from Stonethrower. This is the first time we’ve ever run a prepress preorder for a record pressing and we couldn’t be more grateful for all the support. If you want to get in on the ground floor in helping us get this record pressed, preorder the LP now and be the first to have the vinyl drop on your door mat, YOUR NAME in the “thanks” list and a whole heap of MTAT swag, grab your copy before they go offline at midnight on Easter Monday. Friends in North America should hit up our collaborators Clever Eagle Records to grab your preorder copy. 50% of digital proceeds continue to be donated to CRER Scotland. Still a handful of tapes left too, courtesy of our friends at Gold Mold Records.

The full 121 MTAT digital discography download is currently available for £3.90 (90% off!) or however much you’d like to pay. There is a whole heap of cowpunk history there, from the very first release of “Together, Forever” from 15 Minutes to all the lockdown releases from over the last year from Goodbye Blue Monday, Tragical History Tour, Kaddish, The Marx, ALLDEEPENDS, Paper Rifles, Order Of The Wolf, Seas, Starry, Stoj Snak and Concept Car. Dig in to the treasure trove, ye might find a new favourite band!



We’ve also got a bunch of new records in the distro from the likes of Anti-Flag, Custody, Elder Abuse, Pity Party, Lost Avenue, I Said Goodbye and a whole bunch more, including the latest issue of Razorcake zine. Use discount code MTAT15 for 15% off your entire order until the end of the long weekend. We’re down to final copies of a whole bunch of titles and are in single units for a bunch of MTAT releases. While the first repress is in the planning, the vast majority of titles will never be pressed again, so grab swag while ye can.

Thanks for all the support, y’all rule.




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