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    02:05 PM Apr 15


Seems summer is finally here, eh?

As such, we’ve got loads of things happening and are making an OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS of bands looking to play shows (especially local bands) and wanting to be a part of Make Yer Ane Comp VII.

– We have loads of awesome shows coming up and would like to hear from as many local/Scottish bands as possible. As we’ve said before, those who contribute to the scene will always take precedence but, equally, we’re not interested in exclusivity or being elitist in any way, so please do get in touch if you think your band and our label may be compatible. If you play DIY punk/hardcore/emo/indie/ska/folk/doom/whatever, then please let us know!


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– We are currently putting together the seventh in the MAKE YER ANE COMP series and would love to hear from bands all over the world who feel they share our vision, ethics and worldview. The comp will be available for free/pay-what-you want download and this time (perhaps!) there’ll be a CD version.

If getting in touch, please send LINKS to your music and a SHORT introduction to your band. We have no need for high-resolution photographs, electronic press kits and hyperbolic biographies, just a little about your band, where you come from and what you do.

Please take a moment to read our Label FAQ before getting in touch.

For all inquiries and submissions, please email

Sorry if that sounds like the most back-handed of all open invitations but we’re just trying to lay out our stall with honesty, integrity and clarity for the beginning!

Everyone in for The Bennies / Throwing Stuff tour hitting Dundee tomorrow? Get It Together have suffered an injury so will be unable to join us but they’ll be replaced by wonderfully blackened Dundee hardcore punks Bed Of Wasps who will be opening the show before Salem Street take to the stage. Should be a great night so don’t miss out!

the bennies dundee2

Thanks a lot!



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