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Seems live rock’n’roll action is back in full swing as the world continues to burn and we lose our collective minds. HUGE THANKS to everyone who’s been so supportive over the last couple of years, and indeed the last sixteen.

March 2022 marks two years since Rad Apples closed and the world as we knew it changed, likely forever, meaning no shows for eighteen months. It’s been six months since the first trepidatious show back. It’s also sixteen years since the folx who founded MTAT did our first show together. I’d like to thank every person who’s supported us and rode out this journey, especially all the stafff at Rad Apples and every member of the MTAT crew, without whom none of what happens would be possible. On a personal note, I turn 40 this year and where we’re at, in every sense of the phrase, continues to blow my mind. We’ve gotta take care of each other.

All shows at Conroy’s Basement at Rad Apples, Dundee.

We’re going to move towards normalising 8pm doors for shows. This comes after consultation with staff and crew. We still aim to be finished sharp but this is currently the easiest way to make sure things can go as smoothly as possible. We hope y’all understand.

E-tickets for ALL MTAT SHOWS available here;

MTAT works with The Good Night Out Campaign.


Be vaxxed (please).
Mask up.
Scan in.
Be wise.
Be sound.
No drinks outside.

We’d prefer it if ye could do a covid test before attending. If you feel unwell, please do not come.

We currently hacve 130 releases available on our Bandcamp page, many of which are available for free/pay-what-you-want download. Our latest release is the “Forgotten Songs” EP from Broken Stories, up now from download.



We also strongly recommend you get tickets to come see them playing with Misfortune Cookie and Unbegun on Saturday 9th April. We’re getting ahead of ourselves though, full April listings to follow in a couple weeks. Getting tickets for PMX, Truth Ruiner & A Life Without You on Friday 1st April probably isn’t a bad idea too, though.

We’ve also got a hitload of vinyl, records, CDs, cassettes, zines, shirts, Rad Apples Gift Vouchers and more on both our Bandcamp and BigCartel pages (fee free!).

Any issues, please email makethatatakerecords at gmail dot com




















New bands, old concept; it’s largely true that the music industry is a cesspool and many folx love to rip off new and enthusiastic artists. It’s also true that “showcases” are cheesy as hell, “Battle of the Bands” archaic and competition between bands pointless. The music industry also has its cliques and gatekeepers, chasing the ghosts of their own delusions of grandeur. Reject that noise!

The concept of “FRESH FRUITS” is simple; there “new” bands or basement “newcomers” playing 30 minute sets with a straight cut of cash between artists and promoter, zero messin’. Ain’t nothing new, just the way we feel it should be done. Call this an introduction to basement punk principles, if ye will. This may become periodic or episodic, we’ll see how we go!


Noisy emo-pop-punk three-piece from Glasgow who’ve been popping up on our radar all over the place finally make it down for a basement show. This might’ve been called “grunge pop” back in the day; refreshing pop arrangements, infectious melodies, fizzy guitars and hooky pop-punk melodies, like three west coast nerds playing yearning Scottish versions of The Lemonheads’ back catalogue or something ye’d find on Struggletown. Excellent stuff indeed!


One of the most exciting, buzz-y and polished new bands in Dundee Indie Rock City, we are very please to have these homegrown progressive post-punk / indie / funk-pop rockers visit us for the first time. Fresh from celebrating the release of their debut single “Delirious” on Juteopolis, we can expect plenty of energy and some big sing-a-long choruses. Big things await!


Facetious yet factual pedantry pertaining curation, aesthetics and truth in advertising aside, given that they stepped in at the last minute to avoid covid-related disaster recently, we are pleased to welcome the wonderful Cat’s Cradle for their first “official” show. Expect warm, fuzzy, soaring lofi melodic goth-pop, like Mazzy Star covering Chris Issak.

Friday 4th March 2022
Conroy’s Basement at Rad Apples, Dundee
Doors at 7.30pm, £7/8.

Art by Hooligan






























Belated Album Launch Party

The sharpest-dressed rock’n’roll band in the city bring their razor-sharp riffage, explicitly socialist politics, sky-high vocal indignance, stomping bass and good-time garage punk’n’roll chaotic catharsis back to the basement to celebrate their self-titled debut album, released in the depths of cultural despair in December 2020.

Evolving from a scuzzy, well-intentioned punk band into something more akin to the stadium-crushing majesty of The Hives or the mania of peak-era Radio Birdman, The Marx played the most devastatingly incredible basement set of 2020 before the world darkened. With focus readjusted, intentions clear, they are poised to destroy. What better time for a clear, articulate and passionate manifesto launch than now?

With guests…


Finally making their basement debut after being forced to miss the IDKID show last month, we are delighted to welcome this seemingly whimsical yet acerbic twee melodic two-piece to their first MTAT show. The “Happyless” EP is a wonderful slice of bedroom pop, with nods to The Vaselines, Kimya Dawson, Moldy Peaches, and is a quick snapshot of limitless potential; never fully dressed, never without rage and a restraining order.


Skating the lines between anthemic alt-rock, metallic groove, pop and west coast 90s punk rock in thick Scottish brogue, this Forfar quartet have been playing the village halls and pubs of Angus & The Glens for a decade now. Somehow, we’ve never had them on a MTAT show and we’re happy to rectify this error now. Picture Simon Neil fronting pop-Pennywise with John Feldman in the production chair, you’re halfway there (livin’ on a prayer).

Conroy’s Basement at Rad Apples Dundee
7.30pm doors. £7/8.

Marx illustration by Helmholtz Media























The most dangerous band in Scottish punk rock return to their spiritual home for the first time since Book Yer Ane Fest to celebrate five years of “The Sickness, The Shame”.

Goodbye Blue Monday remain the first and only band we’ve worked with sight unseen. Graham sent a polite email with a link to the demo of “To An Omega Point” and I must’ve listened to it twenty times straight. Thus the path towards “The Sickness, The Shame” and world domination began. Five years later, we get going again right back where it all started. The moon awaits.

Joined by;


Characteristic Aberdoom dynamics, punk rock, noise, big chords, bigger choruses, massive rage and a whole big sound for a ferocious two-piece. First time basement visitors, we expect intensity and to have our collective brains rattled.


Homegrown ecossemo / pop-punk radges continue their exhilarating evolution from carefree punkers through multiple existential crises, an Orchid-jazzed basement young team deconstructing Alk3 jams.

Conroy’s Basement at Rad Apples, Dundee
Doors at 8pm.
£7 advanced, £8 on doors.























Gordon James MacKenzie is an award-winning photographer with a Masters in Fine Art from DJCAD and a 25+ year portfolio. A creative collaborator and dear friend since long before the conception of MTAT, he has been one of the few constants in my life. Gordon is a proud single father of three beautiful children; he’s truly one of the good ones.

His work has been published everywhere from Italian Vogue to the sleeves of Fat Wreck Chords rel;eases. An exhibition of his work is currently on display at Rad Apples. Gordon was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer a few years ago and, heartbreakingly, all treatments have been unsuccessful and his condition is now terminal.

On Saturday 12th March 2022, we’ll be hosting GOOBERFEST at Rad Apples with the aim of raising money to send Gordon and the kids on a last family holiday together. TRAGICAL HISTORY TOUR BAND will be playing a “headline” length set and we’ll be joined for one night only by THE FAT WRECKERS; members of The Overbites, Truth Ruiner & Goodbye Blue Monday covering classics from the Fat Wreck Chords catalogue. Our pal THEE RAG N BONE MAN is going to open the show and we’ll have some special guests joining us too. Our friend DEBAUCHERY LEE DESIGNS will be tabling and we’ll have a fundraising TOMBOLA on the go.

Tickets are ON SALE NOW and cost a TENNER.


There will be another post detailing everything pertaining fundraising, day schedules, donations, etc, coming next week. If anyone would like to donate TOMBOLA PRIZES, please get in touch.

Photo taken outside a Lawrence Arms show in Glasgow, 2010.













High-energy ramshackle poetic folk-punk three-piece from the magnificent Specialist Subject Records stable in Bristol brings their infectious, celebrating and joyous ruckus to Dundee for the very first time as they spread to good word of their latest “Ghosts, Guilt and Grandparents” 12”. One of the most exciting live bands in the West Country, it’s our pleasure to welcome them to the basement for a St. Patrick’s Day tear-up. Think AJJ / ONSIND / Bangers; aw the guid stuff!


The shape of cowpunk to come return for their first show of the year before getting ready to take flight this year. Expect these troops to come out swinging with all banjos blazing, bass on fire with drums to crush your skull beating a relentless military command. Sometimes we throw a pit to nothing, sometimes we throw everything in pit.


Interest piqued by nihilism-adjacent band name alone, LIVE, DO NOTHING are a rad new punk rock band from the ever-fertile breeding grounds of South Wales. Combining the jangly guitars of classic UKDIY indie pop with east coast “orgcore” sensibilities and contemporary Midwest emo vibes, this is some delicious lofi power-pop.

Thursday 17th March 2022
Conroy’s Basement at Rad Apples, Dundee
7.30pm doors, £7/8

Poster by Hannah Watson Art























Wild, heavy and kaleidoscopic psychedelic 60s pop-worshipping noise rock madness from the basements of the Glasgow art school scene come Gelatine; the perfect maelstrom of style, riffs and attitude, expertly curated in the Get Soma Records style, and ready to annihilate the basement for the first time. The classics never go out of style, especially in the hands of millennial noise-wranglers. Strap in, sit tight.


Dark ambient electronica meets lofi indie rock with a grunge aesthetic and 90s alternative rock dynamics, the nightmarish soundtrack to a twilight comedown and an unhealthy dose of the paranoia-fuelled fear. Art school introspection has rarely sounded this detached, a warmth fighting through the chill of a poorly heated university flat in the west end.


High-energy soaring riff-fuelled melodic classic rock stylings from this fresh Glasgow due making their first cross-country trip to bring their razor-sharp hot licks and pop hooks to the basement for for first time. Expect big guitars, bigger choruses and a whole heap of west coast swagger.

Conroy’s Basement at Rad Apples, Dundee
8pm doors, first act sharp!
£6 advanced, £8 otd.

Art by Hooligan












NO MATTER (Derry/Belfast)

We are absolutely delighted that the raddest, bounciest and busiest melodic punk rock bands from the Emerald Isle are kicking off their first full “post-pandemic” UK Tour with a Friday night basement tear-up with us at Rad Apples.

One of the most exhilarating of live punk rock propositions in the country, with duelling guitars and ever-so-sweet three-way vocals and harmonies, NO MATTER are one of the many hard-grafting diy pop-punk bands who fly under the mainstream radar. They’re new record is coming out on the awesome Brassneck Records and will be a slam dunk beezer.

We’ve a long shared history and have crossed paths everywhere from Dundee to London to Montreal and it’s always a treat to have them come join us, this time for the first time since Book Yer Ane Fest XII. Dig into the back story.

Support coming this week!

Conroy’s Basement at Rad Apples Dundee
8pm, £7/8.

Art by Catface Design






















A polymath, a genius and one of the most important Scottish artists of this generation, Kapil Seshasayee is many things, namely a damn inspiration. One of the most driven, focussed and uncompromising visionaries we’ve ever had the pleasure of hosting, Kapil is a musician, vocalist, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, anti fascist, activist, educator, teacher and friend from the Indian diaspora writing songs without peer or reference.

Having spent the best part of a decade ploughing the underground fields throughout Scotland and the UK, 2018’s “A Sacred Bore” LP was incendiary, critically acclaimed across the board, and blew the doors open. Having toured extensively across the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Canada and performed everywhere from SXSW to Celtic Connections to Book Yer Ane Fest, we can virtually guarantee that we won’t be seeing them in a venue this size much longer.

With support from;


Soulful bass-driven angular shoegaze/doom from Shire-dwelling songstress Lynn Matthews making her return to the basement after being marooned by Arwen and missing out on Book Yer Ane Fest. With groove, wit and an ability to weave melodies from thin air, Greenback is a unique and exhilarating performer whose debut album “Talk To Strangers” demands both your attention and repeated listening. Third time lucky?


Beautiful introspective intimate soaring searching soul-scraping melodic progressive folk-ish indie / emo acoustic majesty from one of the most talented and understated members of the family. From Pensioner to Stonethrower through The Blood Red Moon and producing many classics in the ecossemo canon, it’s been a journey. Our grandfathers were projectionists.

Conroy’s Basement at Rad Apples Dundee
7.30pm doors, first act 8pm
£7 advanced, £8 on doors

Poster by Kapil

Some links to consider in light of recent imperialist geo-political-military-industrial-complex crimes;


We hope to see you.




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