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    05:05 PM Apr 15


Hello friends,

While it may be a couple of weeks removed from the events, we’d like to extend our thanks to everybody who participated in helping make Book Yer Ane Fest happen this year. It goes without saying that the logistics of making it happen this year presented some difficulties, but I reckon we did ourselves a reasonable solid with how we pulled it together. I hope everyone had an experience that reflects this; we’d also love to hear any and all feedback that folx have to share.

It’s always stressful putting together a “thanks” list for fear of missing anyone out, so apologies if I do so, but please know that your input is very much appreciated. In no particular order, none of this could’ve happened without the hard work, dedication and love of; the entirety of the staff and crew at Rad Apples, the volunteers in the MTAT collective, Rainbow Music, Dundee Music Studios, 71 Brewing, Audiowave Soundhire, all of the incredible bands and artists, Coin-Operated Press, Cairn O’ Mohr Winery, all of our wonderful friends who joined us from all over Europe, everyone who played the World Famous Book Yer Ane Fest Tombola, Struggletown Records, Scotriders, everyone who’s shared photos and videos (we’d love to see more!), everyone who got in touch with words of kindness and encouragement, and everyone who joined us for a wonderful weekend of music.

We are delighted to share that, together, we did a solid job and that, today, MTAT has donated a total of £2008 to our solidarity charities; £502 to WRASAC Dundee & Angus, £502 to Refugee Survival Trust, £502 to Dundee Women’s Aid and £502 to Dundee Foodbank. We thank all of our chosen causes for their ongoing vitally important work and everyone involved in supporting the solidarity drive. We realise that such sums barely make a dent in the need under the violence of Tory rule, but knowing that there are good folx doing good work supported by a wonderfully supportive community is heartening. Thank you so much, everyone.



Thank you also to everyone who’s picked up a copy of the long-awaited “LEGACIES” LP from the mighty STONETHROWER. Despite all the fuckery of major label monopolies and global over-subscription of pressing plant services, we’re beyond thrilled that the record was finally released in physical format to the public on the Saturday of Book Yer Ane Fest. Their “headline” set on the Saturday night saw them play the record from front to back and it was fucking incredible. There are copies available both blue/green & blue/black vinyl. Grab one here.

Thanks also to everyone for all the kind words about Uniforms. I’ll write more about that at some other time but know that our ending is based entirely in love, that we’re all still very much in each others’ lives and that we’re beyond grateful for all the incredible mind-blowing experiences we were afforded as a band. That shit will never be forgotten.



As of now, we are once again at the mercy of governmental fuckery and we don’t know exactly what’s going to happen. We’re going to craic on as we have done, with due diligence when it comes to hygiene, being mindful of our comrades and protocols when it comes to covid sensibilities. We don’t have any shows coming up until January but will continue to hope that folx get themselves vaccinated. Scanning in and masking up is mandatory when coming to our shows and to Rad Apples. Whilst we understand that there are exceptions, we also understand that there are plenty of folx out there who take the piss. Please don’t be one of them!

Until we do otherwise, we march on. We could use all the support we can get at this point and deeply appreciate everyone and the solidarity. We hope never to take this for granted and, all being well, we can continue to grow, evolve and resist together. Buying a shirt never hurt either, especially if they’re No Sweat. There are currently 127 releases on our Bandcamp page, plus HUNNERS of records and gig tickets from our Bigcartel page.


Cheers, Derrick.




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