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    09:05 PM May 25


Book Yer Ane Fest X officially kicks off four weeks from today in Dundee and we are very excited to share this final round of announcements with you. There is loads going on over the weekend and there may well still be some surprises in store, so keep your eyes peeled for things that may pop up. As ever, the card is subject to change!

Venue Changes!

This is an important one; both Buskers and The Vestry are under new management and Cerberus Bar has now closed. However, we would like to reassure everyone who has been in touch that all BYAF plans remain in place and will proceed as scheduled.

The Vestry has been taken over and is now known as The Firefly. The troops behind this venture are long-time friends of MTAT and we trust that they will do a tremendous job with their new enterprise. The Firefly will host a stage on both Saturday and Sunday as well as being open for food and drinks throughout the whole weekend. There will be loads of tasty vegan and non-vegan food available to fill your bellies before a weekend full of partying.

With regards the closure of Cerberus Bar, the early/weekend ticket registration show will now happen at Conroy’s Basement from 4-6pm on Friday 2nd December. Those who’ve bought Earlybird and Weekend E-Tickets can pick up their wristbands with a limited amount being available for purchase on the day. The show will also feature some SPECIAL GUESTS so keep your eye out for who it may be (this may be a theme throughout the weekend).

The plans at Buskers remain unchanged and doors will open from 6pm on Friday and 2pm on both Saturday and Sunday. There will be a limited number of individual day tickets available for purchase on the door and will be priced at £10/15/12 for Friday/Saturday/Sunday respectively.

In order to fully maximise the bangers:bucks ratio, we’d encourage troops to pick up a Weekend E-Ticket for £25, with much gratitude to those who have done so thus far (it certainly calms the nerves!).

Bands Added!


Stoked to share the final batch of bands playing over the weekend too!


Absolutely delighted to welcome Exeter’s finest uplifting anthemic positive punk rockers back to BYAF for the first time since 2009 (at BYAF III, the first to be held in Dundee) hot on the heels of the release of “The Nerves”, their fourth full-length LP out in mid-November on Banquet Records. One of the first bands we ever hosted as a collective and some of the best pals we’ve made through punk rock, it couldn’t be more fitting to have The Cut Ups back in Dundee for our tenth anniversary.


Our homegrown fiddle-driven melodic folk punkers bring their irresistible infectious energy back to BYAF for their traditional sing-a-long heart-on-sleeve moments of unity. Vocalist Kevin Thomson was at the house party at which MTAT was “formed” way back in 2006 and has been part of the cowpunk family ever since, with then-band Fall By Faith featuring on the first ever MTAT comp. It just wouldn’t be BYAF without them.


A band of cowpunks if ever there was one, The Minor Discomfort Band are a shit-kickin’ party-startin’ barn-dancin’ country punk barn dance band who will be bringing their hardcore anarcho-gypsy punk stylings to BYAF for the very first time. Featuring members of legendary East Anglian bands like I.C.H, Faintest Idea, The Domestics and many more, these well-heeled punk pals promises to bring the rukus like no other!


Homegrown ecossemo from three of Dundeemo’s finest and most experienced punks who have spent 2016 crafting material for their forthcoming debut 2017 LP. Having spent time in bands such as Bonehouse, Pensioner, The Fall Of Boss Koala, The Won Over and countless more, their DIY pedigree is unquestionable and we’re very lucky to count them as part of our collective. Absolutely not to be missed!


Rabble-rousing anarcho acoustic folk punk from this Glasgow-based songwriter who’s spent more than 25 years in the DIY hardcore/anarcho punk trenches worldwide in bands like Quarantine, Disaffect, Debris and countless more. Travelling to BYAF with kindred spirits Bratakus, Brian Curran is one of the nicest humans in punk who songbook full of thought-provoking hooky acoustic folk punk in the finest tradition of the genre.


Return of the reunited Perth chaos collective’s purveyours of maniacal hardcore punk/powerviolence return to BYAF for the first time in seven years at what will be only their second show since getting back together. Previously of the equally deranged MAFAFI, these twisted sons played the first Motionfest back in 2006 and have been long-time members of the east coast community.


Stratospheric progressive technical melodic punk/metal/alt.rock madness from these three Dundee rockers fresh off the back of releasing their mind-boggling new “Voices In The Void” album. Previously of much-loved Arbroath skate-punks Segaboy from “back in the day”, TSO are boundary-pushing true believers who will bring their unique technicolour prog-punk to BYAF for the first time and leave brains splattered on the walls.


The alter-ego of Fife acoustic emo/punk singer/songwriter Tommy Smith, A Hopeless Cause has been a good friend of the MTAT family for almost a decade, since hosting the xkitchencorex shows back in days of Myspace. Tommy addresses important and sometimes uncomfortable issues pertaining mental health with an endearing stoicism and melodic pop punk sensibility to soften even the hardest of hearts.


The Take Home are a new blue collar indie rock’n’roll band from Edinburgh who are old friends of MTAT by virtue of featuring lead singer/songwriter David Latto. As a member of seminal Fife melodic punks State Of Affairs, David played the first ever BYAF in the back room of Mucky Mulligan’s and we’re thrilled to welcome him back with his new ensemble all these years later!

Plus….who knows?!?

Book Yer Ane Pre-Fest!


Book Yer Ane Pre-Fest this year is a collaborative effort between MTAT, Dammit Glasgow and Round Dog Records. London’s dark poetic punk rock princes Wonk Unit return to Scotland to bring their euphoric brand of demented pop punk to alongside bestest pals The Murderburgers, Sink Alaska and The Lemonaids for the mother of all pre-fest rammies at Bloc.

The tear-up shall commence from 8pm and it’s a free show so we’d recommend getting down early to catch everyone and make sure ye can get a space. There’ll be records, merch, DJs and all sorts at what should be a fitting kick-off for a rowdy weekend. Cheers to David Bradford for a bad-ass poster.

“A Fat Wreck” Screening!


In a BYAF first, we are very pleased also that we shall be hosting the only Scottish screening of “A Fat Wreck” documentary’s UK tour at Conroy’s Basement from 12 noon on Saturday 3rd December.

This will be the only showing of the movie over the weekend and due to the limited capacity of the basement, priority entry will be given to Weekend Ticket holders with general entry being on a first come, first served basis thereafter.

Massive thanks to our friend Dave at Everything Sucks Music for working with us to bring this endeavour together. This should be pretty cool!


Tins For Tunes – We are very proud to be hosting Tins For Tunes in support of Dundee Foodbank at BYAF this year, for which we shall be accepting donations of toiletries/non-perishable foodstuffs/hygiene products in exchange for free music from our “help yourself” merch box.

Volunteers – If you’d like to volunteer at BYAF in exchange for some free swag, please email us (info at We could use all the help we can get in terms of spaces for people to crash and some general assistance over the course of the weekend. Likewise, if you’d like to help us spread the good word of BYAF with a slab of flyers/posters to put around your town, please get in touch.

Stalls – There will be a number of stalls/crafts/distros/merch sales going on over the weekend on the upper tier/balcony in Buskers including visitors from Safe-Tay, Dundee Uni LGBT+ Society, Dundee Together, Catholic Guilt, Black Lake Records, Love Music Hate Racism and more. We’ve a couple spaces left so get in touch if interested.

Post-Book Yer Ane Fest will happen on Monday 5th December at The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh. Full details this coming Monday so keep an eye on the MTAT FB page.

Day Splits and times will be announced in the next couple of weeks. All being well, there will be no clashes so you’ll get a chance to see everyone play over the course of the weekend.

That’s pretty much it for now. Do please grab a Weekend Ticket either online or at Groucho’s if you haven’t done so yet and please get in touch if you’re interested in helping out. We’ll have further updates on specifics in the next couple of weeks.

It continually blows our minds how BYAF continues to evolve. To have people coming from the USA, all over the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe to Dundee to join us for the weekend is a testament to community that has developed over the last ten years.

We couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who has supported BYAF and Safe-Tay over the years.





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