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glass and ashes

Glass and Ashes at Dexters; 13/03/2006. Photo by Graham Meldrum

On March 13th 2006 we hosted our first show as a collective when we welcomed California punks Glass And Ashes and their touring partners I-Farm from Buffalo, NY with support from The Try Hards, 15 Minutes and Ben Cozine to the now-defunct Dexter’s in Dundee.

We never had a plan when we started the label, beyond putting on some shows, putting out Tragical History Tour and 15 Minutes CDs and spending time with friends. To have had the pleasure of doing so for ten years and extending our community beyond imagination is something truly special, for which we’re incredibly grateful. I was 23 when when we did that first show. Since that time we’ve put on over 200 shows, put out almost 100 releases in various forms and this year will host the tenth Book Yer Ane Fest.

kaddish livr

Kaddish live at Conroy’s Basement at 12/03/2016. Photo by Derrick Johnston.

Last night we hosted the Ten Years of Cowpunk Party with some of our best friends and favourite bands in Conroy’s Basement. This fact alone blows our minds. We are truly humbled; thank you to Kaddish, Pmx, The Kimberly Steaks, Maxwell’s Dead and Tragical History Tour for playing at the party and all the incredible bands and people we’ve had to privilege to meet and work with over the last ten years. 

We are very proud to have been a part of some inspiring awareness and fundraising campaigns in support of Safe-Tay, Dundee Refugee Support, Dundee Foodbank, Maggie’s Centres, Doctors Without Borders, Refugee Survival Trust, Skateistan, Mindspace, Insight, Royal Life Saving Society and more.

We’ve had the privilege of hosting some of our favourite bands from across the world in our city, witnessed performances we’ll never forget and forged friendships that will last a lifetime. We’ve shared some incredible experiences that I would never have dared to dream possible, I’m grateful to all of the amazing musicians and inspiring humans we’ve met.

bands to date-page-001

We’ve seen our friends and those in local bands grow, evolve, develop, implode, explode, come and go; and there are those bands and people who’ve always been there. We’ve lost some friends, family and loved ones; true believers may be gone but are never forgotten. It’s all been soundtracked by incredible music and defining records; blood, sweat and tears poured into songs out of hearts and into ears.

What started as a necessity, our own small network of support, has grown into something beyond any vision I had and has enhanced my life in ways I cannot describe. I have taken this spirit to the highest heights and dragged it through the most desperate of lows. I am grateful for every experience on the journey to get here, my own true constant. Most importantly, we’ve done it together, on our own terms, united.

Thanking you for everything.
Derrick, on behalf of all involved at Make That A Take.



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