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    04:16 PM Dec 03



Ten Years Of Cowpunk; East Coast DIY (2006-2016)


Okay, the TEN YEARS OF COWPUNK compilation came out last week and we’re slow off the mark here, but we are very pleased to bring you this 24 song collection taken from our back catalogue of physical releases from across the last decade.



When we started MTAT in 2006, all of our “releases” were typically homegrown DIY affairs; CD-Rs with primitive artwork wrapped around handwritten lyric sheets. Much like the collective and label itself, our releases have evolved and improved over the years but we still carry that same fundamental passion in our hearts. If that light ever fades, that’s when we’ll know that we’re done.


We cannot thank the bands and artists who have entrusted us with their music over the years nearly enough for the faith and trust that they’ve put in us and for the incredible music that they’ve created. Whilst generally wary of nostalgia, listening back to these songs together brings memories from the last ten years flooding back. It’s literally the soundtrack to our lives.


There are also few adequate words to describe how collectively grateful to every single person that has supported what we do over the years. When we started, we were a small group of friends in a small town in rural Tayside playing acoustic guitars and putting on punk shows in Dundee.


To every person who has ever come to a show, bought a record, downloaded music, lent gear, spread the word, bought a shirt, put a band up, designed a poster, made a meal, handed out flyers, come to Book Yer Ane Fest, made donations to the various benefits, everyone who’s ever played a part in our collective; thank you for everything.


The compilation is available for free/pay-what-you-want download from our Bandcamp page. There are also some Ten Years of Cowpunk shirts as designed by our long-time co-conspirator Wolf Mask.


Don’t kick yourself and miss Book Yer Ane Fest X either, grab an e-ticket now (shill over but seriously do, you may live to regret not doing so).



Your friendly neighbourhood cowpunks.




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