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A DIY Punk Benefit For Safe-Tay

Friday 2nd – Sunday 4th December 2016

Buskers / The Vestry / Conroy’s Basement / Cerberus Bar, Dundee

Limited Earlybird Weekend Tickets for £20 (limited to 100)


One of Scotland’s greatest melodic punk bands return to bring the Burger Time Rammy to Book Yer Ane Fest as part of their UK tour in support of their incredible “The Twelve Habits of Highly Defective People” LP on Asian Man / Round Dog Records. The annual Moidaboigas tear-up is now a BYAF tradition with chaos a virtual guarantee.


Arguably the greatest Scottish DIY punk band of all-time, these progressive anarchoi! street punk legends return to Dundee for the first time in four years to bring us their unique duo-lingual whisky-soaked melodic crust bangers honed to perfection over three decades of bashing the fash. Latest LP “Saorsa” is a worthy addition to a catalogue overflowing with timeless punk classics.


The undisputed heavyweight champions of Ecossemo keep their 100% undefeated BYAF streak alive and claim their spot as the only band to remain active since the inaugural Motionfest back in 2006. As defenders of the faith and moral guardians of east coast DIY, we welcome then back to their spiritual home with LP III in the can and due for imminent arrival.


Perth Punk City’s kings of face-shredding progressive technical melodic hardcore bring the rukus and peerlessly tight guitar pyrotechnics and harmony-laden bangers back to BYAF. One of the few remaining bands since Motionfest, ten years later PMX have evolved into a hulking punk rock monster. The “Dark Days” EP is essential and a new album is coming soon.


These wonderful dark princes are the pioneers of modern London poetic punk rock bring their cavalcade of chaos to Dundee for the first time since 2012 after spending the last four years traversing the globe with their peerless circus cabaret of punk rock surrealism. Quite simply one of the greatest UK punk bands alive today, this will be a celebration. New LP “Mr. Splashy” on TNS Records will blow your mind.


MTAT’s own progressive punk/ska/hardcore riot starters return to Book Yer Ane Fest for one night only to celebrate ten years of MTAT in the trenches of DIY punk. The inaugural BYAF played host to one of the first ever Joey T shows and set the precedent for mayhem back in November of 2008. Last seen at BYAF V, Joey T will return to the dance one last time.


Heart-on-sleeve strong-style melodic punk from these battle-hardened political punks from Brooklyn, New York on Red Scare Industries / Gunner Records bring their nostalgia-drenched punk anthems back to Dundee for the second time. Formerly known as Sad and French, Make War crank up the fire and join us at BYAF as part of their European Tour with kindred spirit Cory Call of Arliss Nancy.


Skyscraping melodic skate punk/rock’n’roll goodness of the finest pedigree from these family favourite London punks and the brains behind Umlaut Records return to Dundee to bring us their sunshine melodies, massive smiles and positive vibes to BYAF. One of the most under-rated bands in UK punk, these troops last released a blinder of a split EP with Dundee roasters Maxwell’s Dead earlier this year.


Scotland’s finest angry guitar-slinging young man turned thoughtful and intelligent literary punk rock poet makes his annual pilgrimage to BYAF to cap off what has been one of the busiest and most productive years of his life. With a schedule that’s seen full UK, EU and US tours in 2016, Billy returns to BYAF with this debut LP in the can and a celebration in mind as our hearts swell with pride.


Another of Ecossemo’s finest, Aberdeen’s masters of north-eastern darkness and light return to BYAF with their intense and powetful multi-voiced intelligent spiky emocore. Having consistently released masterwork after masterwork, Carson Wells are a national treasure and we couldn’t be more proud to call them friends. It is our pleasure to welcome them back to Dundee.


Our favourite west coast buzzsaw melodic punks are back at BYAF and continue to knock it out of the park. We had the privilege of releasing the classic “To Live and Die in West Central Scotland” album on CD back in early 2014, since which time they’ve charmed the world and released consistently awesome records. Friends of ours for over ten years, can can’t wait to have them back. So pumped!


Sharp, witty and fiercely intelligent saccharine-sweet yet caustic lo-fi melodic pop punk from this Glasgow three-piece who charm and challenge in equal measure. Collectively long-time allies of MTAT, we are absolutely delighted to be welcoming them and their patriarchy-smashing storytelling brand of punk rock zingers to Dundee for the very first time.


None-more-uplifting sing-a-long melodic surf-pop inspired buzzing punk rock like The Beach Boys meets The Ramones from these punk rock family favourites from Glasgow via Norway. One of the most charmingly engaging and undeniably feel-good punk bands around, we could not be more stoked that they’ll be bringing the beach party to a cold December weekend in Dundee.


One of the most active, engaged and intelligent singer/songwriters in the country with a voice and range like few others. With a string of quality releases, including the “And Then Came The Tourists” 7” on Struck Dum and split Refugee Survival Trust Benefit split single with Billy Liar on MTAT, Paper Rifles is one of the most exciting and informed voices in Scottish DIY. What awaits at BYAF?


PCC Hardcore Originals reunite for their first show since their unforgettable performance at the inuagural Motionfest at Barcode in Perth back in September 2006. Originally featuring Graham Motion on guitar, Violent Response was founded by members of Allergo and friends. It is our absolute honour to be able to host what should be an emotional reunion show ten years later at the tenth BYAF.


We are absolutely delighted to welcome the erstwhile frontman of long-time MTAT favourites Arliss Nancy to BYAF for his first ever solo show in Dundee as part of his European Tour alongside kindred spirits Make War. An engaging enigmatic presence, Cory possesses laid back Colorado charm by the bucket and comes armed with heart-wrenching tales of love, loss and life on the road.


Central Scotland’s rowdiest positive uplifting melodic hardcore crew return after their absolutely insane performance at BYAF IX last year that saw bodies flying everywhere and was likely the positive rammy that Buskers has ever seen. The “Rebuild, Recover” 7” is a classic that we’re proud to have released and these guys are absolutely guaranteed to bring one of the biggest smiles of the weekend to your faces.


Razor-sharp driving melodic post-hardcore/punk rock from the troops behind capital city collective Anti-Manifesto with deep east coast roots, featuring members of luminaries Misled Youth, Taking Chase, Shields Up and Ben Cozine, who played the first ever MTAT show with Glass and Ashes/I-Farm in March 2006. We are stoked to tie together two hands of time ten years later!


The engine room behind the juggernaut that is Manchester’s TNS Records, ROTPM are one of the hardest working and most well-respected punk bands in the UK, playing smash-mouth witty acidic hardcore punk rock’n’roll all around Europe in the good name of DIY. Long-time allies of MTAT, we are delighted to finally welcome them to BYAF after all these years.


Aberdoom’s bleakest purveyors of take-no-prisoners grindcore/powerviolence/hardcore punk return to BYAF after destroying Cerberus Bar at Hardcore Breakfast on the Sunday of BYAF last year. Quite simply one of the most tremendously ferocious, uncompromising and fundamentally awesome hardcore bands Scotland has ever produced, we couldn’t be more pleased to host them at BYAF X.


Stoked to welcome these Glasgow punkers back to BYAF after a couple of years, during which time we’ve had the privilege of releasing their consistently awesome stream of splits, singles and the “Battle Lines From Better Times” EP earlier this year. Some of the nicest dudes in the game, these Scottish punk veterans bring an energy and melodic sheen that outshines many punkers half their age.


Classic gruff melodic “orgcore” pop-punk from these Greek troops currently based in London on the awesome Disconnect Disconnect Records and whom we’ve been admirers for some time. Having been in touch for a few years, we fittingly finally met at a Dillinger 4 show and are delighted to welcome them to Dundee for the first time alongside their bestest pals Mug at BYAF.


In your face furious queercore from these angry critical-thinking Glasgow/Edinburgh activist punks. We’re delighted to welcome them back after they played their first ever show at Hardcore Breakfast at Cerberus on the Sunday of BYAF last year and have since shared their Limp Wrist-influenced powerviolence with such like-minded progressive punks as War On Women and The Winter Passing.


One of Scotland’s most unique and essential voices, we are absolutely delighted to welcome Glasgow singer/songwriter Chrissy Barnacle back to Dundee for BYAF. Mixing introspective folk finger-picking with spiky lyricism, feminist politics and spoken-word poetry performances, Chrissy is one of the most engaging artists of our generation.


Dundee’s finest dream-pop playing punkers return to sprinkle some of their emotionally-engaging melodic emo goodness over BYAF weekend. We were delighted to have co-conspired in the release of their transatlantic split EP with Massachusetts indie rockers Modern Lives. The long-awaited “Contentment” LP will follow in early 2017. This should be celebratory at BYAF.


We are absolutely thrilled to be welcoming this awesome Canadian alt-country/punk rock singer/songwriter to Scotland for the very first time. A long time participant in the fertile Montreal punk/arts scene, Chris Snlegrove and The Last Mile have just released their outstanding LP “The Distance Between” through our trusty pals at Drunken Sailor Records in the UK. A true BYAF treat!


New Zealand born, Berlin resident, punk rock raised acoustic alt-folk intrigue from one of the most compelling, enigmatic and intricately-weaved storytellers we’ve ever had the pleasure of hosting at BYAF returns once more to charm and beguile in equal measure. The “Hourglass Wine” LP is simply stunning, representing everything that is good, bad and ugly about the worldwide DIY punk scene.


One of the most exciting Young Team punk rock bands to emerge from Dundee in years, these teenage tearaways have continued to evolve from gobby ska/punk upstarts into one of the smoothest punk rock’n’roll bands around. True students of the game, these guys have a bright future ahead of them and we couldn’t be more proud to support them from the ground up.


Premier league intricate, mesmeric and soulful Ecossemo/indie rock from this Glasgow three-piece with an east coast heart who will always be entwined with the history and evolution of Dundee hardcore, featuring former members of A Written Apology, Swordmaster and many more. We could not be happier to be welcoming them to BYAF for the first time, something that’s been long overdue.


None-more-bleak uber-intense blackened hardcore punk/D-Beat/crust from Dundee’s most black-hearted sons. Uncompromising, relentless, blown-out and uncomfortable, Bed Of Wasps push the boundarieswith their grime-influenced metalcore savagery that will kick your head right off your body. Guaranteed to be one of the weekend’s more intense experiences.


More influential than they likely realise, these pranksters from Perth Punk City bring their years of collective experience in the punk trenches and scrape themselves back together one last time for a one-off romp through the absurdities of modern life with their near-the-knuckle paint-stripping angular neo-punk noise. Having played the very first BYAF, we’re delighted to have them back for the tenth.


Blood, sweat and tears acoustic cowpunk rock’n’roll from the MTAT roaster-in-chief who is finally recording a full-length album after thirteen years of playing solo shows and ten years of putting out lo-fi DIY releases. It’s not often that THT will perform an actual set at BYAF, usually reserved for after-hours in the car park, but this of all years it clearly has to happen!


Fast, furious, engaging, surreal and maniacal lucha libre-fuelled punk rock stand-up-comedy from our man with the plan BMR. Like a ringmaster at a punk rock wrestling show, BMR is your master of ceremonies that will delight, bewilder, enthrall and confuse as he trades the boards of The Stand Comedy Club for the floors/stages of BYAF.


Big-hearted honest emotional sing-a-long melodic punk rock from Dundeemo’s most journalistic of hardcore bands, Lachance are pretty much the perfect BYAF band; raw, community-minded, deeply confessional, fun and full of reckless abandonment wired to the mains on punk rock passion and the need to express. The “Sunrise” EP being is positive proof of it!


Intense cathartic emotional screamo/hardcore blending thunderous post-rock, guitar pyrotechnics and soaring melodies with no fear of rocking out. Having co-released the incredible “Held In Merciful Light” LP earlier this year, we are very happy to finally welcome Clearer The Sky to BYAF after several years of trying to make it happen.


Dundee’s east coast Kings Of Ska Punk return to bring us their unique hybrid of punk/ska/reggae/hardcore, like a samba party in an abandoned warehouse. These troops have been keeping the faith for over ten years themselves; touring the UK/EU DIY and putting out releases on a bunch of labels including MTAT and Umlaut Records.


Plus Friday/Saturday club nights/after-parties with MTAT Djs + guests.

Distro, World Famous BYAF Tombola, activist stalls, vegan food, merch + more.

Second and final round of band announcements on Sunday 2nd October 2016.

Day/show splits to follow shortly thereafter. No clashes (hopefully!).

Once all Earlybird Tickets are gone, another 100 weekend tickets will be added at £25 each.

Event page here. Poster by Jimmy Wrizzle.




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