Make-That-A-Take Records is a DIY punk rock record label/collective based on the east coast of Scotland.

We put on punk shows. We put out records.

We aim to contribute positively to our community and believe in the equality of and equity for all humans regardless of gender, race, religion, nationality, class, sexual orientation, status or any other perceived identifier.

We have a fairly open view of what constitutes ‘punk’.

We also host BOOK YER ANE FEST, a DIY punk/hxc benefit festival.

For all booking enquiries, please email info@makethatatakerecords.com.

2018 MTAT Season Ticket options available here.


This is what we do

Book Shows
We’ve put on some cool bands over the past ten years including Leatherface, Dead To Me (USA), The Smith Street Band (Aus), Arliss Nancy (USA), Elway (USA), Jeffrey Lewis & The Jrams (USA), The Caulfield Cult (Singapore), Failures’ Union (USA), AJJ (USA), Hard Girls (USA), Stay Clean Jolene (ENG), Departures, Bear Trade (ENG), Antillectual (NL), The Priceduifkes (BL), Direct Hit! (USA), The Human Project (ENG), Football, etc (USA), Defiance, Ohio (USA), The Slow Death (USA), Mikey Erg! (USA), Bangers (ENG), Franz Nicolay (USA), The Riot Before (USA), The Arteries (WAL), Chris T-T (ENG), North Lincoln (USA), Dear Landlord (USA), I-Farm (USA), Glass & Ashes (USA), Frank Turner (ENG), Even In Blackouts (USA), The Dangerfields (NI), PMX, Billy Liar, Step On It (HUN), Blackjacket (CAN), Paul Baribeau (USA), Frigits (IRE), Apologies, I Have None (ENG), The Cut Ups (ENG), Mesa Verde, ONSIND (ENG), Kaddish, The Emos (ENG), The Hijacks, Mike Park (USA), The Living Daylights (ENG), New Bruises (USA), The Murderburgers, Joey Terrifying, Chief (ENG), Shields Up, Grader, Torturo Nervosa, Sunset Squad, Black Channels, Taking Chase, ICH (ENG), All Or Nothing (ENG), Flat Back Four (ENG), Spanish Gamble (USA), Drive By Audio, You Me And The Atom Bomb (ENG), The Fractions (ENG), Calvinball (ENG), deeCRACKS (AU), Broken Few (ENG) and loads more.

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For all booking enquiries, please email info@makethatatakerecords.com.

If enquiring about BOOK YER ANE FEST, please read this FAQ before emailing.

Available from Bandcamp

New Releases

“Aphorisms” is the fifteen-years-in-the-waiting debut LP from Tragical History Tour.

After fifteen years spent on the Tragical History Tour across the UK, Europe and USA, through love, loss, life, death and everything in between, the long-awaited debut “Aphorisms” LP is finally here.

Performed by Tragical History Tour.
All songs written by Derrick Johnston.
*except “Three Two”, written by Jamie Wright and Derrick Johnston.

Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by John Harcus Audio Production at Clearwater Studios and Harcus Audio HQ in Perth at various points between October 2016 and September 2017.

On this recording, Tragical History Tour is;
Derrick Johnston; vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass, percussion, keys.
John Harcus; production, drums, percussion, keys, programming, bass, backing vocals

Artwork by Gordon MacKenzie
LPs manufactured by Boss Tuneage Records
Released via Make That A Take Records of Dundee, Team Beard Records of Cardiff.

LP available on blue + purple/pink coloured vinyl variants, as a recycled eco-digipack CD, as a digital download and streaming through all popular platforms. Grab a copy here.


“Saudade” is the long lost album from Dundee emo punks Terrafraid.

Recorded by Lewis Glass at Esko Masteringin Hyvikkälä, Finland
Cover photography by Emmi Kukkula

Gavin Luke Ross – Voice, Guitar & Synths
Sean Arnold – Voice, Guitar & Synths
Ross Gammie – Drums & voice
Ruaraidh Quinn – Bass guitar

“Originally written before the release of our second album ‘Despondent’, ‘Saudade’ was recorded straight after in 2014, then put on hold, only to be re-recorded completely from scratch in February 2015. Once again, with emotions frail after much thinking of where our lives and minds were, it was put on the shelf. Instead, we recorded and released ‘Contentment’ as our third album.

Once ‘Contentment’ was released, it was time to revisit this album, after an emotional break from it, and to record it one last time, with no alterations or changes in the songs, being exactly as they were when written in 2013/2014.

We thank everyone for their patience as we’ve been asked over the years if it would ever see the light of day. We are happy to finally share ‘SAUDADE’ with everyone.

Extra special thanks to Mike Tommy Jörstad, Make That A Take Records & all family, friends & supporters everywhere”.

Many more releases are available from our Bandcamp Page and you can view them all from our full catalogue

“…In Potential” is the debut full-length from Dundee ecossemo punks Please, Believe! and is an absolute tour de force of angular, outraged and righteous post-hardcore/screamo/punk rock

In their own words;

These songs were all written throughout 2016 and recorded by ourselves in March 2017 at DM Studios in Dundee.

Special thanks to Lew Skelly, Trun + Harris at DM Studios, Ken Babarinsa for the lend of his microphones, Derrick and the rest of the Make That a Take Collective for their tireless support, our beloved brothers in Ecosse(mo); Kaddish and Carson Wells and all the other excellent people, bands, promoters and labels who’ve helped us thus far.

Sorry it took us so long, hope you enjoy!

Owen, Ross and Iain
Please, Believe! x

Free/pay-what-you-want download. LP coming soon!

“Prom Night 2002” is our final release of 2017 and is our first dip into hip-hop courtesy of Cambridge laptopper MC iPod.

“Having spent literally eight years (metaphorically) tearing my hair out over this release, I scrapped everything and wrote 4 songs in 24 hours”.

Features guest vocal appearances from False Adults cohort Dronic, #heftyrealtalk (aka Derrick Johnston aka Tragical History Tour), Aaahh’s own Asher Baker, and the pioneer of “post punk laptop rap” MC Lars!

01 – Where Ya Been, iPod? (feat. MC Lars & Dronic)
02 – Band People Problems
03 – #DIY (feat. Asher Baker, #heftyrealtalk & Dronic)
04 – Who Killed Mighty Ducks 4?

PHYSICAL PRODUCT; 100 CDs in full colour card wallets.

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