Make-That-A-Take Records is a DIY punk rock record label/collective based on the east coast of Scotland.

We put on punk shows. We also release music.

We are an anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-homophobic collective.

We have a fairly open view of what constitutes ‘punk’.

We also promote BOOK YER ANE FEST, a DIY punk/hxc festival to benefit Safe-Tay.

For all booking enquiries, please email info@makethatatakerecords.com.


This is what we do

Book Shows
We’ve put on some cool bands over the past ten years including Leatherface, Dead To Me (USA), The Smith Street Band (Aus), Arliss Nancy (USA), Elway (USA), Jeffrey Lewis & The Jrams (USA), The Caulfield Cult (Singapore), Failures’ Union (USA), Stay Clean Jolene (ENG), Departures, Bear Trade (ENG), Antillectual (NL), The Priceduifkes (BL), Direct Hit! (USA), The Human Project (ENG), Football, etc (USA), Defiance, Ohio (USA), The Slow Death (USA), Mikey Erg! (USA), Bangers (ENG), Franz Nicolay (USA), The Riot Before (USA), The Arteries (WAL), Chris T-T (ENG), North Lincoln (USA), Dear Landlord (USA), I-Farm (USA), Glass & Ashes (USA), Frank Turner (ENG), Even In Blackouts (USA), The Dangerfields (NI), PMX, Billy Liar, Step On It (HUN), Blackjacket (CAN), Ghost Mice (USA), Paul Baribeau (USA), Frigits (IRE), Apologies, I Have None (ENG), The Cut Ups (ENG), Mesa Verde, One Night Stand In North Dakota (ENG), Kaddish, The Emos (ENG), The Hijacks, Mike Park (USA), The Living Daylights (ENG), New Bruises (USA), The Murderburgers, Joey Terrifying, Chief (ENG), Shields Up, Grader, Torturo Nervosa, Sunset Squad, Black Channels, Taking Chase, ICH (ENG), All Or Nothing (ENG), Flat Back Four (ENG), Spanish Gamble (USA), Drive By Audio, You Me And The Atom Bomb (ENG), The Fractions (ENG), Calvinball (ENG), deeCRACKS (AU), Broken Few (ENG) and loads more.

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For all booking enquiries, please email info@makethatatakerecords.com.

If enquiring about BOOK YER ANE FEST, please read this FAQ before emailing.


Available from Bandcamp

New Releases

Tranatlantic digital split EP from Dundee dream-pop punks Terrafraid and their Massachusetts compatriots Modern Lives. Released in collaboration with Geneva Records.

Terrafraid credits;
All music/lyrics by Terrafraid.
Recorded at 45-A-Side Studios, Glasgow, Scotland.
Mixed/recorded/produced by Bruce Rintoul.
Mastered by Robin Sutherland.
With thanks to MTAT, Modern Lives and Geneva Records.

Modern Lives credits;
All music/lyrics by Modern Lives
Recorded at Getaway Studios, Worcester, MA, USA.
Tracking by Daniel Florenz.
Mixed/mastered by Jay Maas.
Thanks to Funeral Advantage.

Photography by Jade Thoms.
Layout by Steven Hill.

“Held In Merciful Light” is the debut full-length record from Aberdeen post-hardcore/emocore punks Clearer The Sky

“In short – Held in Merciful Light is about dealing with loneliness. In our lonelier moments, it’s easy to be consumed by darkness, frustration and woe. This album explores how we tackle that, looking inward as well as out – favouring the light, understanding and hope we find within ourselves and discovering it in others”.

All songs written and performed by Clearer The Sky
Recorded/mixed/mastered by Graeme Watt at Seagate Studios
Artwork by Lindsay Whorley

Released on August 5th 2016, “Held In Merciful Light” is a collaborative released between MTAT, Rage HC, Crust Baby, Rubaiyat Records and Wolf Town DIY. The LP is available on limited edition vinyl (classic black only, yellow sold out), as a and on cassette through Coercion.

Many more releases are available from our Bandcamp Page and you can view them all from our full catalogue

“ScreamerSongwriter” is the new and debut LP from Danish folk punker Stoj Snak.

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

On this record Stöj Snak is Niels Højgaard Sørensen, Jesper Olsen, Rasmus Glassau Clausen, Slagterens Tove, Tim Loud & Lillefar

All songs written, recorded, produced & mixed by Niels Højgaard Sørensen

Illustrations and layout by Niels Højgaard Sørensen

Released with much appreciated help from 5FeetUnder Records, TNS Records, Angry Music Records, Dullest Records, Make That A Take, WOOAAARGH, Entes Anomicos & YLLS Records.

The album is available from MTAT on limited edition green/yellow splatter vinyl and digital download.

“Sunrise” is a is the long-awaited new EP from Dundee heart-on-sleeve punks Lachance

“In the midst of winter I found, within me, there was an invincible summer. And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back”. Albert Camus – “The Stranger”

All songs written and performed by Lachance.
Drums recorded at DM Studios, Dundee
Bass recorded by Boab at No One Knows Records
Everything else recorded, mixed and mastered by Gerold Tischler.

Cover art by Linzi at Defy Art Lab

Released on Friday 3rd June 2016 on limited edition CDEP and digital download through Make That A Take Records

Upcoming Shows

Date Line-up City Venue Country
02/12/16 - 04/12/16 BOOK YER ANE FEST X Dundee Buskers United Kingdom
Time: 4:00pm. Admission: TBC. Age restrictions: 14+. Address: Ward Road. Buy Tickets Facebook Event Page
05/12/16 Post-BYAF w/ The Minor Discomfort Band (ENG), Andy Thomas’ Dust Heart (USA), Paper Rifles (Full Band) + Plush Fish (RUS) Edinburgh The Banshee Labyrinth United Kingdom
Time: 7:30pm. Admission: £5/6. Age restrictions: Over 18s. Address: Niddrie Street. Buy Tickets

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Previous shows can be found by clicking here


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  • Book Yer Ane Fest X - Day Two. Are ye keen? Slight changes; The Doublecross can't make it unfortunately so Brian... https://t.co/PWGmUysSDU

    04:40 AM Dec 03

  • To Grouchos! https://t.co/2rDq9DvaNj

    02:54 AM Dec 03

  • WE ARE GO!!! Eat Defeat are unfortunately out for tonight, sorry troops. Every will run as is, just 15 minutes later!

    10:59 AM Dec 02

  • Can anyone help??? https://t.co/FdWORyDjba

    05:40 AM Dec 02

  • BYAF tattoo party! https://t.co/k1lby5xzvy

    03:59 AM Dec 02

  • IT'S BOOK YER ANE FEST DAY X!!!!! Pre-BYAF was awesome last night, we hit capacity at Bloc+ at one point so huge... https://t.co/UWoLdtHJkM

    01:34 AM Dec 02

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