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  • DECAYING, YOU GROW.Please, Believe release the physical version of their incredible debut “...In Potential” LP at…

    11:37 AM Dec 15

  • ALRIGHT MATE!?!The last Tragical History Tour show on the beat of the “Aphorisms” trail in 2018 happens today at…

    03:04 AM Dec 15

  • LONDON TOWN TONIGHT.Honey Joy Tragical History Tour Dangers Of Love Tommy Simpson@waterintobeer #London 7.30p…

    07:34 AM Dec 14

  • CAMBRIDGE.The “Aphorisms” trail hits Cambridge this evening for the @AaahhRR Xmas Party with @Timholehouse +…

    05:10 AM Dec 13

  • FULL SET RUCKUS.It was our pleasure to host the final Scottish show from our anarcho-folk pals Roughneck Riot bef…

    10:09 AM Dec 12

  • GLASGOW.The troops in Goodbye Blue Monday released an absolute rager of an EP this year. They’ll join their pals…

    09:59 AM Dec 11

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    The Get It Together / Tragical History Tour “Rebuild, Recover” UK/EU Tour kicked off for me on Wednesday 1st April when Craig came to Dundee to pick me, my guitar and the MTAT distro up. We took the short ride in our hired banger of a van (who was a workhorse despite appearances) to Redd in Dundee, where my friend Dave Hughes was playing a show, to borrow a PA and load it into the back of the van. Years of touring with the likes of Papa Gain and Jonny Domino has taught me that you’re definitely better “looking it at than looking for it” and this tour proved to be no exception. After loading, we headed from Craig’s place in Alloa where we met Graham, played a few games of FIFA (at which I was awful), drank some tea then fell asleep to the hypnotic sounds of water flowing through the fishtank. Awaking around 6am with a desperate need to pee, we left to gather Mark and Fraser before hitting the road for our first stop in London; All Ages Records.

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