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Released Friday 26th April 2019 on Make That A Take Records

A long time in coming, we are absolutely delighted to bring you the the “LIVE FREE” LP from Central Scotland’s most uplifting, joyous and emotionally energetic melodic hardcore punks GET IT TOGETHER. Recorded, mixed and mastered by John Harcus (PMX), “LIVE FREE” is lightening in a bottle; the perfect distillation of seven years of dystopic turmoil, political upheaval, existential frustration and sheer defiance in the face of the endless struggle.

“LIVE FREE” is everything that we hoped it would be; raging, fist-pumping, full-throttle melodic hardcore thrash punk with massive sing-a-longs, hearts on sleeves and a sheer vitriolic intensity. Driving, intense, emotional, and engaging, “LIVE FREE” is a powerful, focused and unifying hardcore punk exorcism in thirteen parts, from the Central Belt to the scorched earth, with love.

This is Scottish hardcore with heart, soul, fire, and fury; all the beautiful things.

Get It Together are Mark, Craig, Graham & Ade
All songs by Get It Together
All lyrics by Mark Fraser

Recorded, mixed and mastered by John Harcus Audio Production

Artwork & Design by Defy Art Lab

Released on classic black 12” vinyl in collaboration with Make That A Take Records

LP/CD/DL/Shirts + Bundles;
Spotify stream;

Huge thanks to for the exclusive stream and feature.

There is a slight delay with the CDs. They’ll be dispatched ASAP, thank you for your patience and support.

Get It Together play A LITTLE BIT OF SPRINGTIME FEST at The Green Room, Perth this Sunday in the company of Tragical History Tour Band (last “Aphorisms” LP show), The Goatboy, Queequeg’s Coffin, Holy Snakes, Astrophe, Lake Pleasant, Nicola Madill, Rebecca Radical, Buffalo Heart, Uniforms and more. Free all day, come join us!





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