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    01:15 AM May 12


A live compilation in solidarity with Samaritans.

Free/pay-what-you-want download.
All proceeds to Samaritans.





From label ‘misery punks’ Goodbye Blue Monday’s Limited edition CDEP version of ‘The Sickness. The Shame’ proceeds being donated to Samaritans, (‘Take Your Pills’ – what an anthem!), through space and Samaritans literature provision at Conroy’s Basement and other Make That A Take gigs, through a free stand and the invitation for Samaritans to attend Book Yer Ane Fest, the DIY punk, culture and community festival in the east coast of Scotland (it became a bit of a stand off as to who would get to go and represent Samaritans at the festival as it really is an amazing community and such a beautiful experience) to MTAT sending out Samaritans literature with every single post-out from the record label, we really know that the MTAT label and its friends, fans and followers stand with Samaritans as we all take a stance against the silence, stigma and solitude surrounding suicide, distress and despair. And now, there is the donation of more funds from this live compilation album.

This isn’t just a one-off thing – it is a community really playing from the heart and looking after itself and all others pulled in by its shimmer or unaware of its existence – goons, cowpunks, lost souls. All are welcome. Thanks so damn much for all of it. Samaritans couldn’t do what we do without you and it helps us so much more than we can ever tell you just knowing that you are out there too.

Write about it, sing about it, talk about it. It all guid. It really is.

Jo, Samaritans

All songs recorded, mixed and mastered by Ant Booth at Kesbri Studios in Bolton. Huge thanks to Ant for all his hard graft in bringing this project together and all the bands/artists for donating their tracks, your support is very much appreciated.

1. Harker – “Caught Up”

2. Hot Mass – “Action At A Distance”

3. Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaind – “Hot Kid”

4. The Lock & Keys – “Now Or Never Love”

5. Uniforms – “Keep On Keeping On”

6. Triple Sundae – “Fabricated”

7. Don Blake – “Next Weekend”

8. The Burnt Tapes – “Go Drunk, You’re Home”

9. Trophy Jump – “Bazooka Blaze”

10. Heavy Heart – “Out Of Reach”

11. Tragical History Tour – “Agent Of Change”

12. Hummer – “Never Mind, It’ll Soon Be Monday”

13. The Doublecross (feat. Harker) – “Summer Snow”

14. Zapiain – “Nothing Changes”

15. Bloodmines – “Framework”

16. Black Eyes – “Anxious”

17. Today, They Are Older – “Pretty Made Marion”

18. AVAS – “Brighter Futures”

19. Bear Trap – “Back Of The Line”

20. Blankets – “Right”

21. The Mardigras Bombers – “White Punks On Dope”

22. Mean Caesar – “The Lane”

23. Cordell – “Self Taught”

24. Tio Rico – “Newspeak”

25. Nana – “I Will Never Be A Cool Kid”

26. Broken 3 Ways – “2020”

27. The Crash Mats – “Lessons Learnt From The Royal Rumble 92”

28. New States – “Great Mistakes”

29. Clayface – “Hole In The Chest”

30. The Mighty Bossmags – “St James‘ Infirmary Blues”

All rights reserved by bands/artists/songwriters.

Thank you for downloading this compilation and supporting both Samaritans and the UK DIY Punk community. These are the hardest of times, “the most grim moment in human history” according to Noam Chomsky, and truly all we have is each other. The suicide statistics speak for themselves, as do the very real lived experiences shared by so many people across the world. We’re all in this together, whether we realise it or not, and we have to look out for each other. While a punk comp ain’t so much, we do what we can with what we’ve got and hold onto the hope that another world is possible. You are never alone.




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