Tragical History Tour

Tragical History Tour began while hiding from the noise and violence of 13 Broken Fingers in my spray-painted bedroom in 2003.

I have released a shit-ton of stuff over the last ten years or so.
You can get it all for free/pay-what-you-want download here;

I’ve been fortunate enough to play some incredible places, from Orkney to Shetland to Gainesville to California, and play with some of my favourite songwriters over the years; Tim Barry, Austin Lucas, Billy Liar, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Mike Park, Ghost Mice, Apologies I Have None, Defiance Ohio, PMX, The Dangerfields, The Murderburgers, Frank Turner, Even In Blackouts and who knows how many more.

I also play in UNIFORMS and SHITGRIPPER.

And co-founded Make-That-A-Take Records


Make That A Take Discography

Two Zero One Five
Two Zero One Four
Summer ’13

Make Yer Ane Comp V
A Short History