The Kimberly Steaks

The Kimberly Steaks come from the west coast of Scotland and play the kind of fast, intelligent and witty gritty pop-punk that is all too rare these days; mixing fizzy pop-punk bangers with a quintessentially Scottish self-deprecating humour, The Kimberly Steaks are quite simply one of the tightest and most kick-ass of all Scottish punk rock bands.

The “To Live and Die in West Central Scotland” album is a genre classic that was released on CD by MTAT in January 2014 and pressed on wax by All In Vinyl. While the sound may have been born in the East Bay with the likes of Green Day, Crimpshrine and Scared of Chaka, The Kimberly Steaks take these elements and stamp their own identity on it, coming across like a Buckfast-fuelled Larkhall Charles Bukowski fronting Jawbreaker.


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