Sink Alaska

Sink Alaska were formed at the beginning of 2013 from the ashes of various Glasgow punk rock alumni and came together through a shared love of melodic punk rock and healthy cynicism. The band blend “traditional” late 80s/early 90s UK punk rock with the speed and energy of Epitaph/Fat Wreck US skate punk with quick wit, humour and massive hooks with harmonies to die for, coming over like Lagwagon/Descendents covering Mega City Four.

Playing their first show with Uniforms and Loaded 45 in Spring 2013, Sink Alaska have played with the likes of Red City Radio, Only Crime and Elway as well as releasing their debut EP, contributing two tracks to the “Roaster” 4-Way Split 10″ and releasing the “Path Of Least Resistance” / “Among The Wretched” Double A-Side single through MTAT in August 2014.


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