Maxwell’s Dead

Maxwell’s Dead are a prolific bunch of loveable ska-peddling punk rock roasters from the east coast of Scotland who have been mixing it up and doin’ it for the punx since 2004, despite still being ridiculously young and possessing chops way beyond their tender years. Mashing up ska, punk, deep reggae grooves, dub and hardcore, Maxwell’s Dead have done things 100% DIY, from putting out their own records to booking their own European tours.

Twelve years is a long time for any band to remain together and these troops continue to grow, evolve and rack up the party punk bangers while sharing stages across the country with the likes of Swingin’ Utters, Toy Guitar, Roughneck Riot, Neville Staples, Billy Liar and countless more. The band last released the “Deer In The Headlights” album in 2014 and will be dropping new shit soon too!


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