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Make Yer Ane Comp VII is now available!
40 tracks of DIY goodness for free/pwyw download.

* denotes exclusive / premiere

1. Goodbye Blue Monday – “Take Your Pills” *
2. Forever Unclean – “Waves” *
3. The Murderburgers – “My Bones Are Full Of Holes”
4. Black Volvo – “Hangin’ Johnny” (LP preorder here)
5. Pmx – “Oceans”
6. Kaddish – “Scattered Islands Of A Shattered Idea” *
7. Dikembe – “Barely A Sea” *
8. Cavalcades – “A Carthorse For The Knacker”
9. Slowlight – “Let’s Plagiarise!” *
10. John Wheels – “Sunbather”
11. Joyce Delaney – “Busy Girls”
12. Chris Snelgrove Music – “Safe Space”
13. Andy Thomas’ Dust Heart – “Reckless Abandonment”
14. Paper Rifles – “Bad Blood” (Live in Dundee) *
15. Bratakus – “Pollution Evolution”
16. Revenge of the Psychotronic Man – “I Wanna Be A Spaceman”
17. Bed of Wasps – “Heartless”
18. Elk Gang – “Mil Muertes”
19. Sink Alaska – “I Am A Legend / I Am A Robot”
20. Müg – “Merci” *
21. Start At Zero – “I Wonder”
22. The Burnt Tapes – “Go Drunk, You’re Home”
23. Bird Law – “Nothing Rhymes With Blorange”
24. The Take Home – “Whatever It Is”
25. Joe McMahon – “Another Life”
26. Tragical History Tour – “Kill The Poor” (Dead Kennedys) *
27. HARDCORE BOYS – “Body Respect Song”
28. DELINQUENTS – “Never Gonna Fit In”
29. Shatterhand – “A Quiet Loner”
30. Bad Year – “Never Be The Same”
31. BlackMirror – “Uppercut”
32. Terrafraid – “Insufferable”
33. Brian Curran Acoustic – “A Drink, A Slap & A Kiss”
34. Drive By Killer – “Live To Loathe”
35. Fat Goth – “No Feelings” (Sex Pistols) *
36. The Hostiles – “To Err Is Human”
37. The Sparrowhawk orKestrel – “Chrono”
38. Clearer the Sky – “My North, My South, My East & My West”
39. Chrissy Barnacle – “Nightride”
40. Gone Wishing – “Hang On To Each Other” (A Silver Mt. Zion) *

Please download and enjoy.
Feel free to share too!

Make Yer Ane Comp VII is the latest volume in our MYAC series. We’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of incredible bands over the years and are very grateful for our continued opportunities to do so. We take nothing for granted.

The bands and artists on this compilation are part of our extended worldwide DIY punk rock family. We’d like to thank everyone involved for taking the time and effort to donate their songs. We are proud to call these humans our friends.

Please check out all the bands and labels, get out to shows, start a zine, start a band, buy a record; get involved in any way you can. We need community involvement now more than ever.


Cover art by Jimmy Wrizzle.
PDF photography by John Cumiskey.

Download all six previous Make Yer Ane Comp volumes on our Bandcamp page.



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